Squillante*, Mark (IBM Research)

Mark Squillante Speaker Photo 2021

Dr. Mark S. Squillante
Mathematical Sciences, IBM Research
Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, New York 10598

Website: https://researcher.watson.ibm.com/researcher/view.php?person=us-mss

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Decision Making under Uncertainty

Stochastic Optimization and Stochastic Optimal Control

Learning and Optimal Transport

(The topics can be tailored to fit various audiences, from those more technical to those less technical.  Mark can also focus on applications in each of the above areas.)

Education & Background

Ph.D. University of Washington

Mark S. Squillante is a Distinguished Research Staff Member and the Manager of Foundations of Probability, Dynamics and Control within Mathematical Sciences at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY.  He is an elected Fellow of ACM, IEEE, INFORMS and AAIA, and the author of more than 300 publications and more than 70 issued/filed patents and disclosures.  His research contributions have been recognized through The Best Publication in Applied Probability Award (Biennial, INFORMS Applied Probability Society), The Daniel H. Wagner Prize (INFORMS), The Gold StevieĀ® Award (Sales Automation Solution), 9 best paper awards, 17 keynote/plenary presentations, 27 major IBM technical awards, and 38 IBM invention awards.  He currently serves as Chair of IFIP Working Group 7.3 (elected) and as Editor-in-Chief of Stochastic Models, and he has served or currently serves on the editorial/advisory boards of Operations Research, Performance Evaluation, Stochastic Models, and Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems. His research interests broadly concern mathematical foundations of the analysis, modeling and optimization of the design and control of complex systems under uncertainty and their applications.