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Richard Staats, Ph.D and Major General, Retired, U.S. Army
Box 1232
McLean, Virginia 22101-1232



Creating and Sustaining Innovation in Organizations
Dr. Staats spent more than 40 years creating and sustaining innovative organizations including commanding general for the US Army's Innovation Command and as a Director for a $100M program in the private sector.  In this talk, he gives practical insights into how to use your mad ORSA skills to design, instantiate, and operate highly innovative organizations.

Managing Change in Organizations where Mission Failure is not an Option
Dr. Staats describes the fundamentals for successful organizational change in practical terms. The presentation includes both theory and practical suggestions from experience. Dr. Staats has worked with and in the US government at every level from overseas section through the Office of the Secretary of Defense. His insights are fun, enlightening, and educational.
(Business Professionals)

Bridging the Technical and Practical World
You are a brilliant analyst (just ask your mom). Your client is a hard nosed, practical practitioner.  Turn that into a marriage made in heaven.  Dr. Staats talks through the time tested methods for bridging the gap from the highly technical to the very pragmatic. He draws on experiences ranging from helping to establish a new government in Iraq to aiding with traffic signal control in the DC metro region. The talk is equal parts theory and practice with a little humor.
(Graduate Students)

The Value of Principled Organizations
Dr. Staats has led organizations ranging from tens of thousands in combat to small study groups for the senior most people in the US Federal Government.  Though the size, operating environments, and missions of these organizations could not have been more different, Dr. Staats used a remarkably consistent set of organizational principles to lead these disparate bodies to success. Learn the Stafford, Perrin, and Petersen principles and how to apply them in your own, challenging environment.
(Undergraduate Students)


  • Ph.D. Operations Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • M.S.S. US Army War College
  • B.S. General Engineering, U.S. Military Academy, West Point

A special thanks to the Veterans Administration for the tremendous help that they have been to our Service Members (including this one). We do not say thank you enough to you.

Dr. Staats served as a manager and leader for over 40 years in various roles in both the government and in the private sector including director for a $100M program that advised senior appointed and elected executives in the Federal government and commanding general for the US Army's Innovation Command.

He has written numerous articles and contributed to books on topics ranging from game design and artificial intelligence to the value of information. Dr. Staats is an internationally recognized speaker on organizational change and information theory. He was recognized by the European Engineering Society in 1996 as one of the 100 most cited information engineers world-wide. In 2013, Dr. Staats was selected as a founding, distinguished member of the non-profit Institute for Stability and Transition.

Dr. Staats is also a highly decorated combat veteran who rose to the rank of general officer and commanded a US Army Division. He commanded over 40,000 personnel during his years of service that included overseas assignments in Europe, Southwest Asia, and the Far East and held significant positions within strategic organizations such as the Defense Logistics Agency (as the Director for Joint Training) and the Department of the Army as a logistics planner. In 2013, General Staats was selected as the first Senior Fellow for the Chief of Staff of the Army’s Strategic Studies Group.

Languages Spoken:

English, German