Trick, Michael (Carnegie Mellon, Qatar)

Michael Trick

Michael Trick
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
Doha, Qatar


Adventures in Sports Scheduling
Major League Baseball is a multi-billion dollar per year industry that relies heavily on the quality of its schedule. Teams, fans, TV
networks, and even political parties (in a way revealed in the talk) rely on the schedule for profits and enjoyment. Only recently have the computational tools of operations research been powerful enough to address the issue of finding "optimal" schedules. I'll discuss my experiences in scheduling college basketball, major league baseball, and other sports, and discuss major trends in optimization that lead to practical scheduling approaches, with some of these trends only appearing in the last two years.

Education & Background

  • PhD, Georgia Tech
  • BMath, University of Waterloo

Professor of Operations Research and Senior Associate Dean, Tepper School. Currently at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. Researcher in computational methods in integer programming with interests in sports scheduling and voting. President of INFORMS in 2002.