Velázquez Martínez, Josué (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Josue Velazquez Speaker

Dr. Josué Velázquez Martínez 
Research Scientist, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics
Executive Director, MIT Supply Chain Management Program



Sustainable Logistics: How to deliver "fast" and "green" in last-mile delivery

Urbanization and e-commerce growth (omni-channel) will increase transportation movements in the years to come. The challenge many companies face is how to deliver products fast and keep high utilization and low fuel consumption (CO2 emissions). In this presentation, I will discuss the new trends in logistics sustainability that provide ideas to optimize the last-mile delivery by using technology and data analytics, and how companies can drive consumer behavior via the use of environmental impacts during e-commerce. 

Education & Background

  • PhD, Industrial Engineering, Monterrey Tech, Mexico
  • MSc, Manufacturing Systems, Monterrey Tech, Mexico

Josué C. Velázquez Martínez is a Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics specialized in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in transportation, manufacturing, food, and retail industries, and has vast experience in conducting applied research on Sustainable Logistics in emerging markets. Dr. Velázquez Leads the MIT Sustainable Logistics Initiative, which involves research projects on green logistics sponsored by multinational companies, with the purpose of improving environmental sustainability in logistics operations. He has published a variety of academic articles and book chapters related to carbon-efficient supply chains and logistics sustainability. He is also co-editor of the book entitled “Supply Chain Management and Logistics in Latin America: A Multi-Country Perspective”.

Dr. Velázquez Martínez also serves as the Executive Director of the Supply Chain Management Program, the #1 Ranked Master's program in SCM & Engineering, and he is the lead instructor of the graduate course SCM.290 Sustainable Supply Chain Management at MIT.

Dr. Velázquez Martínez holds a MSc in Manufacturing Systems with focus on Optimization and a PhD in Industrial Engineering with focus on Sustainability in Supply Chains from Monterrey Tech, Mexico, where he was approved magna cum laude from both programs. He was the recipient of the Doctoral Dissertation Award issued by the Mexican Logistics and Supply Chain Association as recognition for the best doctoral thesis. In 2013, Dr. Velázquez Martínez was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. Prior to joining MIT, in 2014, Dr. Velázquez Martínez was the Dean of the Engineering School at Monterrey Tech in Santa Fe.