Zaleski, John R. (Capsule Tech, Inc.)

John Zaleski

John R. Zaleski
Capsule Tech, Inc.
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Milford, CT 06460

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Clinical Surveillance
Use of real-time telemetry and vital signs data in the management of patients at-risk on the general care floor.

Appropriate Audience: Faculty/Academics

Data Analytics Tools and Their Use in Analyzing Patient Data
The use of python, Excel and Matlab in reducing real-time telemetry monitoring data.

Appropriate Audience: Undergraduate students

Predictive Analytics
Using real-time data from bedside medical devices for actionable clinical decision making. (Advanced)

Medical Device Integration
Collecting clinical data from bedside medical devices for use in patient care and research. (Intermediate)

Mathematical Methods for Time Series Modeling
Use of Kalman filtering, averaging and signal processing to understand signal periodicity, behavior and trending (Intermediate)

Use of Excel Worksheets for Mathematical Modeling
Employing simple office tools, such as Excel worksheets, for creating sophisticated time series models and performing analyses. (Elementary)

Data Collection and Monitoring During Clinical Trials
Overview of live patient data collection for the purposes of analysis and research; how to write institutional review board applications, proposals and how to write research plans. (Advanced)

Education & Background 

  • PhD, University of Pennsylvania
  • MS, Boston University
  • BS, Boston University
  • EMT/NREMT,  

John Zaleski has more than 30 years overall experience. He is a currently-practicing, licensed pre-hospital clinician (EMT, NREMT). He also holds the credentials Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) and Certified Professional Health Information Management Systems (CPHIMS). He is the author of three books, two chapters, and one book currently in development. He has been awarded 8 U.S. patents. He has also authored dozens of presentations, papers, conference proceedings, and webinars on clinical surveillance. John serves as the Clinical Informatics Director at Capsule Tech, Inc.