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INFORMS, The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, serves the scientific and professional needs of analytics professionals, OR/MS educators, scientists, researchers, managers, and students, as well as the institutions they serve. INFORMS publishes 14 scholarly journals, including two electronic-only journals, covers the latest OR/MS methods and applications, and organizes professional conferences and application-oriented meetings.

  • Analytics & OR/MS job seekers
  • Consultants to help you solve business problems
  • Specialized software developers
  • Institutional product and service purchasing decision makers
  • National and international meeting attendees
  • Individual purchasers of OR/MS and analytics related products and services
  • Students seeking summer employment/internships
  • Analytics professionals and executives

Get the attention of analytics professional and operations researchers who work for corporations, consulting groups, the military, the government, and health care, as well as academics who teach analytics, OR/MS and the quantitative sciences in engineering and business schools.

Our subscribers are interested in a variety of analytics and OR/MS topics and most have purchasing power within their organizations. They are professionals, residing in nearly every country around the globe, found in every sector of business and industry, both public and private. Subscribers rely heavily on INFORMS journals to keep them up-to-date on the most recent analytics and OR/MS research and industry developments. Target this specialized audience of OR/MS professionals by placing your print ad in INFORMS publications.

Let INFORMS make your marketing efforts a success by utilizing our extensive resources including our database of members, popular journals, state-of-the-art online job placement service, and national and international meetings. Contact INFORMS to start taking advantage of these excellent resources for reaching the analytics and OR/MS community.