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Analytics Manager, Data Scientist Top 2016 List of Best Jobs

Analytics ManagerJob Openings982Median Base Salary$105,000Career Opportunity3.7Job Score4.5Data ScientistJob Openings1,736Median Base Salary$116,840Career Opportunity4.1Job Score4.7

Data Scientist Hottest Job of 2016

Data scientist, named the best job in America for 2016 by job site Glassdoor, is the sexy mashup of traditional careers from data analysis, economics, statistics, computer science and others.

But it goes beyond collecting and analyzing data. It's a job for the curious, for the intuitive and for those who like to not just solve problems but figure out the problem. It's part science, part art.

The rise of data science is due to the explosive growth of data collection — or big data — and the need for companies to make sense of the mishmash of new types of data from smartphones, images, human behavior and even handwriting.

2016 Analytics Trends to Watch For

My view of the world is shaped by where I stand, but from this spot the future of analytics for 2016 looks pretty exciting! Analytics has never been more needed or interesting.

Healthcare Analytics Trends for the New Year

Analytics continues to bring dramatic change to the healthcare industry in the United States and other countries, offering advances and challenges for the year ahead. Following are 10 trends to chart in 2016.

Battling Obesity Epidemic

Small Price Differences are Highly Effective in Shifting Demand to Healthy Low Calorie Alternatives, New Study in INFORMS Journal Finds

CATONSVILLE, MD, December 21, 2015 – Small price differences at the point of purchase can be highly effective in shifting consumer demand from high calorie to healthier low calorie alternatives, according to a study in the Articles in Advance section of  Marketing Science, a journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).

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