Instructions for Authors

ScholarOne Manuscripts

All papers for publication consideration by Information Systems Research should be submitted electronically through ScholarOne Manuscripts at Authors without Internet access should contact the managing editor to make alternate submission arrangements.

Submission Requirements

Page Limit

Manuscripts should not be more than 32 (8.5x11-inch) pages of text and no more than 38 pages including all material, e.g., references, appendixes, tables, figures. Additional details (e.g., analytical proofs, psychometric details of the measures, copies of the measurement items, etc.) can be provided in an Appendix as a separate document. If the paper is accepted, the Appendix will be published as an electronic companion.


Manuscript files (including abstract, references, and footnotes) should be double-spaced, have a standard font of at least 11 points, and have one-inch margins on all four sides.


Each manuscript should include an easy-to-read and understandable abstract of not more than 300 words that communicates the contribution of the paper to general readers as clearly as possible.


References should be listed alphabetically by the author at the end of the paper in conformance with journal style. In-text citations should be indicated by the author’s last name and year of publication.

Mathematics and Numbered Equations

Mathematical expressions in the body of the text should be no more complex than necessary. If there are numbered equations, the numbers should be given in parentheses, flush with the right margin of the page.


Footnotes should be numbered consecutively and should be indicated in the text by superscript numbers. Material that would normally appear as a footnote should be placed in the body of the text when it will not impair readability.


All figures in the manuscript should be in black and white. The use of color figures is discouraged because of challenges and delays encountered in the production stage.

Editor Selection

Authors should nominate two senior editors (SEs), two associate editors (AEs), and five potential reviewers. Authors should not suggest reviewers with whom they have any conflict of interest. An author has a conflict of interest with (a) his/her major professor or a student for whom the author has served as major professor, (b) people working at the same institution, (c) co-authors on work completed or in progress during the last four years.


Authors should select as many keywords as possible to describe their paper’s theoretical and methodological orientation. A list of keywords is available within ScholarOne Manuscripts. Keywords are helpful in the selection of appropriate Senior Editor, Associate Editor, and reviewers. Keywords should appear beneath the abstract in the manuscript file.

Double Blind Review Process

Author names should not appear in the body of the paper (including the abstract). Authors are required to eliminate references to their institutions, sponsors, unpublished work, and published work, which could reveals their identifies. Authors should omit acknowledgements until the final version after acceptance.

Open Access

The INFORMS Open Option (IOO) provides an open access alternative for articles accepted in any INFORMS journals that would have otherwise been available only through subscriptions or pay per view. Click here for details.

NIH Public Access Policy

The author is responsible for complying with the NIH Public Access Policy. INFORMS follows Method C of NIH's submission methods guidelines ( and has no obligation to notify an NIH-funded author about the requirement.