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The Applied Probability Society is a subdivision of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). The Society is concerned with the application of probability theory to systems that involve random phenomena, for example, manufacturing, communication network, computer network, service, and financial systems. The Society promotes the development and use of methods for the improvement of evaluation, control, and design of these systems. Such methods include (stochastic) dynamic programming, queueing theory, Markov decision process, discrete event dynamic systems, point processes, large deviations, reliability, and so on. Our members include practitioners, educators, and researchers with backgrounds in business, engineering, statistics, mathematics, economics, computer science, and other applied sciences.

The Applied Probability Society also publishes Stochastic Systems, through a cooperative agreement with the IMS. This open-access journal seeks to publish high-quality papers that substantively contribute to the modeling, analysis, and control of stochastic systems. The contribution may lie in the formulation of new mathematical models, in the development of new mathematical methods, or in the innovative application of existing methods. A partial list of applications domains that are germane to this journal include: service operations; logistics, transportation, and communications networks (including the Internet); computer systems; finance and risk management; manufacturing operations and supply chains; and revenue management.

Approximate Membership: 400
Conference: Biennial
Prizes: Best Publication in Applied Probability Award; The Erlang Prize for Young Applied Probability

News and Events

  • Congratulations to Ramon van Handel, winner of the 2014 Erlang Prize.
  • The next APS meeting will be held at the Koc University campus (Istanbul, Turkey) on July 5-8, 2015.

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Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Texas at Austin
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Mariana Olvera-Cravioto (Webmaster), Columbia University

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