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The mission of the Section on Data Mining is to promote and disseminate research and applications among professionals interested in theory, methodologies, and applications in data mining and knowledge discovery.


  • INFORMS 2015 Data Mining Best Student Paper Finalists: The information on the four finalists and their papers (presenting student's name is highlighted in bold) are as follows:
    • "Sparse Precision Matrix Selection for Fitting Gaussian Random Field Models to Large Data Sets" by Sam Davanloo Tajbakhsh, Enrique Del Castillo and Necdet Serhat  Aybat from Penn State University.
    • "Falling Rule Lists" by Fulton Wang and Cynthia Rudin from MIT.
    • "Sensor-Driven Condition-Based Generation Maintenance and Operations Scheduling" by Murat Yildirim and Nagi Gebraeel from Georgia Tech.
    • Winner: "When Wind Meets Turbines: A New Statistical Approach for Characterizing the Heterogeneous Wake Effects in Multi-turbine Wind Farms" by Mingdi You and   Eunshin Byon from University of Michigan.

Here are some photos of the finalists: 


  • INFORMS 2014 Data Mining Best Student Paper Finalists: The review process is finalized. The information on the four finalists and their papers (presenting student's name is highlighted in bold) is as follows:
    • "Saddle Points and Accelerated Perceptron Algorithms", by Adams Wei Yu, Jaime Carbonell and Fatma Kilinc-Karzan
    • "Career Development Paths in Online Labor Markets", by Marios Kokkodis
    • "Image Defect Detection with Smooth-Sparse Decomposition", by Hao Yan, Kamran Paynabar, and Jianjun Shi
    • "Finding Short Peptide Substrates using Bayesian Active Learning", by Jialei Wang, Michael Burkart, Peter Frazier, Nathan Gianneschi, Michael Gilson, Nicholas Kosa, Lorillee Tallorin, and Pu Yang
  • Data mining section Newsletter 2014 Preparation: If you have recently been promoted or had a new appointment, received a grant or an award, or had a PhD student that has just graduated, your colleagues will appreciate knowing about it. Please send an email to with the following info:
    1. Promotion: your new title and department name;
    2. Grant: title of proposal, amount funded, and sponsor; 
    3. Award: award title, purpose, and sponsoring organization;
    4. PhD Graduate: student's name and dissertation topic

If your department is searching to fill a faculty position related to data mining, please send a one-paragraph announcement. If you or your company have any news of other events that might be of interest to data mining members (such as special issue announcements,news, events and internship opportunities), please prepare a short description. For data mining colleagues working in industrial companies, if there is any information of your company (news, events and internship opportunities etc.) that you want me to also announce in the newsletter or website, please send to me too. Please send the information to by 12/31/2014 for the 2014 newsletter.

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  1. Call for paper for the 11TH INFORMS WORKSHOP ON DATA MINING & DECISION ANALYTICS WORKSHOP is now available at Workshops section. 
  2. Newsletter of 2015 is now available in News & Events section.
  3. Newsletter of 2014 is now available in News & Events section.

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