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The Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society (MSOM) promotes the enhancement and dissemination of knowledge, and the efficiency of industrial practice, related to the operations function in manufacturing and service enterprises. The methods which MSOM members apply in order to help the operations function add value to products and services are derived from a wide range of scientific fields, including operations research and management science, mathematics, economics, statistics, information systems and artificial intelligence. The members of MSOM include researchers, educators, consultants, practitioners and students, with backgrounds in these and other applied sciences.

Join the MSOM Society: To become a member of the MSOM society, please join INFORMS and select the MSOM society membership. Special Interest Group (SIG) memberships may be added at no additional cost.

MSOM Society bylaws: The Society bylaws have been amended. Click below for the updated Bylaws.

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Key Contacts

Terry Taylor, President

Gad Allon, Executive VP and President-Elect

Kamalini Ramdas, VP for Meetings and Communications

Qi Annabelle Feng, Secretary/Treasurer

Carri Chan, SIG Chair Healthcare

Vishal Gaur, SIG Chair iFORM

Itai Gurvich, SIG Chair Service Management

Gurhan Kok, SIG Chair Supply Chain Management

Vishal Agrawal, SIG Chair Sustainable Operations

Hyun Seok (Huck) Lee, Webmaster