INFORMS Career Center

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with INFORMS Career Center.

What is the INFORMS Career Center (ICC)

INFORMS Career Center (ICC) is a state-of-the-art electronic placement service catering to the needs of those working in analytics / operations research and management science (OR/MS), as well as those who hire these professionals.

Who benefits from the INFORMS Career Center

The service provides for the needs of job seekers with specialized, up-to-date listings of analytics and OR/MS opportunities around the globe. Employers are provided with a targeted list of available candidates at all levels of study and experience, affording them the opportunity to proactively review resumes and interview candidates without the time and expense required in standard classified advertising. Job applicants and hiring professionals have the opportunity to network with each other at INFORMS national meetings.

Features of the INFORMS Career Center

  • Live access to online database of applicants
  • 24/7 access to resumes through the Internet
  • Anytime resume additions
  • Outstanding database search capabilities
  • Online entry of job postings and upgrades
  • Opportunities to purchase interview tables and/or booths at INFORMS national meetings
  • Career Fair at INFORMS Annual Meeting in October/November
  • Career Fair at INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research in the April

For details or to take advantage of what INFORMS has to offer, go to the INFORMS Career Center (ICC) website!