Education Outreach Committee

Mission: To encourage students toward eventual careers in OR/MS and analytics, to raise awareness of these disciplines and their relevant applications among K-12, community college and undergraduate college students and faculty, and support/promote the teaching of OR/MS and analytics in K-12, community college, and early college curricula.

2021 Membership

Jennifer Ryan, Chair
Theresa Roeder
Sadan Kulturel  
Julie Ivy
Kevin Hutson
Aleksandr M. Kazachkov
Mike Racer
Sam Gutekunst

Staff Liaison: Director, Education and Industry Programs, Taryn Lewis 
Board Liaison: VP Education, Missie Bowers
Education Strategy Committee Liaison: Thiago Serra Azevedo Silva

Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP) Chair: Scott Nestler
Community College Co-Chairs: Zaneta Purvis, Olaseni Fadipe
Faculty Co-Chairs: Laura Yin, Ken Murphy
Evaluation Co-Chairs: Zhen Liu, Jennifer Ryan
K-12 Co-Chairs: Vijay Kumar, EunSu Lee, Sara Manago
Graduate Chair: Nouri Sakr
Undergraduate Co-Chairs: Allen Greenwood, Anzhelika Lyubenko