Speakers Program

Why should your chapter use the INFORMS Speakers Program to find a speaker?

  • To save time. The program curates expert speakers in the fields of operations, research, analytics and the management sciences.
  • To save money. Speaking engagements are virtual, so distance is no issue. If your group prefers an in-person visit, you can search for speakers by location and pick someone local or ask your department or chapter treasurer about funding longer-distance travel.
  • It’s so easy! Scroll down for exact steps on how to request a speaker and to download planning guides.
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Featured Speakers

Xiaonan Shang Speaker
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Xiaonan Shang   Tyson R. Browning
How to Request a Speaker
  1. Go to the INFORMS Speakers Program Search Available Speakers page.
    You can search by location, university, or topic.
  2. Click on a speaker’s name to see their full bio. In addition to their general bio information, you can see a list of topics that they are able to speak on and the audience any of the topics is geared toward. It is best to pick 2-3 speakers that you are interested in having present as your top choice may not be available.
  3. After you’ve made your choices, click on Start a Speaker Request on the speaker’s page or Request a Speaker on the Speakers Program homepage.
  4. Complete the form, providing as much information as possible, and someone from INFORMS will be in touch within two (2) business days.

Should you have any questions, please contact Jill Capello.

Download Our Planning Guides
Download the Virtual Event Planning GuideDownload the Virtual Engagement Planning Guide
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