The INFORMS Mentor Match Program is a benefit just for members. This online tool helps you find and connect with others, and gives you a suggested program to follow with your mentor.

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Why Mentoring?

Having a mentor can help you shape a more successful career in less time.  

Mentors provide advice, support, and guidance in areas with which they are familiar.  Mentors give honest feedback, offer encouragement, and help you meet your goals. Mentors share their experience, provide visibility into their own careers, and help you build a network. Each mentoring relationship is different, because each person's goals are different. 

People who have a mentor report higher levels of satisfaction with their careers and are more likely to follow a career plan.

Who can apply?

Any INFORMS member may participate in the mentoring program.

What is this?

An online directory facilitating a match between two INFORMS members, a mentor and a mentee, working together to help mentees set and meet their goals.

When can I apply?

The program will run on a continuous basis, meaning new mentors and mentees may enroll at any time. Find a match via the online directory (or with help from INFORMS staff).

Where does this happen?

Anywhere! Virtual or in person.