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New Research Provides Hope for Parkinson’s Disease Symptom Control
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BALTIMORE, MD, September 12, 2023 – Finding the right medication regimen to treat Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a complex healthcare challenge. Wearable health trackers provide physicians with a detailed window into patients’ symptoms, but translating this complex data into useful treatment insights can be difficult. New research in the INFORMS journal Management Science accomplishes just that. Researchers found that combining wearable health tracker data with state-of-the-art algorithms results in promising treatment strategies that could improve PD patients’ outcomes.

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AI, The Ghost In The Outsourcing Machine
Media Coverage

It’s time to get real about artificial intelligence applied to our drug development and manufacturing outsourcing milieu – practical supply-chain enhancements from AI-generated insights that can be implemented right now.

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Staying True to Core Values: The Key to Effective Leadership in the Culture War
Media Coverage

The culture war in the US has intensified. Conservatives are pushing firms to preserve traditional values, and progressives are demanding firms show unwavering support of DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion). While the culture war in the UK tends to focus on race and gender equity issues and colonialism, they share similar characteristics.

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AI Beats Back Bad Batches

AI Beats Back Bad Batches

Outsourced Pharma, September 21, 2023

I induce the estimable Professor Tinglong Dai of Johns Hopkins University, an acclaimed AI specialist in the field of supply chain, to laugh aloud a few moments into our conversation.

Weighing the AI Threat By Incident Reports

Weighing the AI Threat By Incident Reports

Information Week, September 20, 2023

The AI Incident Database chronicles over 2,000 incidents of AI causing harm. It’s a gulp-worthy number that ominously continues to grow. But the devil is in the details and a mere count does not provide sufficient detail in degrees of harm or malevolent intent. Pretending AI is safe is sheer folly but imagining it the bringer of doom is equally foolish. To get a more realistic read on the damage AI has caused and is likely to cause, here’s a hard look at reported incidents in the real world.

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