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Organ Transplant Policies Need an Overhaul!
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BALTIMORE, MD, May 1, 2023 – As it currently stands, U.S. policies around organ transplantation are moving toward broader sharing of organs, with the goal of improving geographic equity. It’s a great goal, but not being achieved. These policies have gone through two major modifications in the last 10 years, but to no avail. Now, researchers are introducing a new model in a paper published in the INFORMS journal Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, which recommends a more efficient and equitable method to allocate organs with a policy that balances the supply (deceased donors) to demand (waiting list patients) ratios across geographies.

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Sheldon Jacobson: Here’s how the government can improve processing immigrants after the expiration of Title 42
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Title 42 was implemented as a public health measure during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the health emergency ending, the rule has now expired. This means that those coming to the borders seeking asylum may no longer be turned away. What the federal government did and what it should have done are two different things.

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Decision Science Digest: May 23, 2023
News Release

BALTIMORE, MD, May 23, 2023 –

EDITOR’S NOTE: Decision Science Digest is a periodic communique highlighting recent peer-reviewed research published by INFORMS, the largest association for the decision and data sciences, across its 17 journals. This issue highlights four press releases based on the findings of new peer-reviewed articles.

  • Increasing Efficiency in Operating Rooms: How Surgical Tool Optimization Can Save Money (INFORMS journal Operations Research)
  • The Impact of Data on Tracking Down and Dismantling Human Trafficking Rings (INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics)
  • New Research Finds “Looking the Part” Can Get You the Job Online (INFORMS journal Marketing Science)
  • The Impact of One-Click Online Buying on E-commerce Sales (INFORMS journal Management Science)
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Headwinds Hit EV Battery Production with Supple Chain Woes

Headwinds Hit EV Battery Production with Supple Chain Woes

Motor, May 24, 2023

Maybe electric vehicles aren’t as “green” as many people may think. Critics of EVs say that running on electricity with no emissions may sound good, sure, but how is that electricity produced? Well, largely through carbon-heavy and emissions-generating methods using fossil fuels. 

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