OR/MS Tomorrow

Winter 2022 Issue:

The online student membership magazine for INFORMS. The bi-annual publication provides a look at operations research and management science from the perspective of young people in those fields. Edited by a team of students and junior faculty, the magazine is written for students and aims to introduce topics relevant to them, highlight their accomplishments, and promote awareness of current events and issues in OR and MS.

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OR/MS Tomorrow Spotlights

 If your student chapter has not used the INFORMS Speakers Program before, this article is for you! Read on and find out about the fantastic benefits this program can provide for your chapter. If your chapter has used this program before, let this article serve as an inspiration to include a speaker in your upcoming events.

YinzOR is a single-track conference that brings together students studying operations research and related fields to facilitate interaction and collaboration with peers. YinzOR came into existence in 2017, when Aleksandr Kazachkov, founding President of the CMU INFORMS Student Chapter, envisioned a “conference of the students, by the students and for the students”.

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