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Welcome! We are home to a diverse collection of academic and industry experts in fields including operations research, analytics, management science, economics, behavioral science, statistics, artificial intelligence, data science, applied mathematics, and more. Although our members' work is often highly complex, we are unified under a simple, shared mission: advance and promote the science and technology of decision making to save lives, save money, and solve problems. Whether you're at the beginning of your academic and professional adventure or decades into a successful career, INFORMS membership will connect you with a group of peers with whom you can collaborate, learn, grow, and share your journey.

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Massive CAV Experiment in Nashville Pits ML against Traffic Jams

The CIRCLES Consortium is a multi-university research collaboration dedicated to using machine learning, optimal control and other optimization techniques.


– Zhe Fu, Kara Manke, Alexandre Bayen
University of California

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A Brief Historical Perspective on Integrating New Decision Support Technology

"In the 1970s, operations research (O.R.) and statistics – the equivalent of today’s data science and machine learning rage – were grounded on four pillars." 


– Ken Fordyce

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image of two colloquia attendees, one woman and one man

2023 INFORMS Meeting of Analytics Program Directors (MAPD)

Nick Freeman shares special insight on this year’s MAPD event at the 2023 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference in Aurora, CO.


– Nick Freeman
Chair, 2023 INFORMS MAPD

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