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INFORMS is the largest professional association for the decision and data sciences.

Welcome! We are home to a diverse collection of academic and industry experts in fields including operations research, analytics, management science, economics, behavioral science, statistics, artificial intelligence, data science, applied mathematics, and more. Although our members' work is often highly complex, we are unified under a simple, shared mission: advance and promote the science and technology of decision making to save lives, save money, and solve problems. Whether you're at the beginning of your academic and professional adventure or decades into a successful career, INFORMS membership will connect you with a group of peers with whom you can collaborate, learn, grow, and share your journey.



How Can I Network at the INFORMS Annual Meeting?

"If you recently became an INFORMS member and this is your first time attending an INFORMS Annual Meeting, you might get surprised by the number of possible events and activities. If you are presenting your work, your main agenda for the conference might be your presentation. While delivering a good talk is important for your reputation, networking is a crucial part of any conference."

Banafsheh Behzad headshot

– Banafsheh Behzad
   California State University, Long Beach

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A Look Back at a Wonderful Career in Operations Research

"Entering Stanford University as an undergraduate, my timing was perfect because Jerry Lieberman had just introduced the very first course in the entire university in this budding new field. I loved the course and I knew then that this would be the perfect career field for me. That was 66 years ago."

Fred Hillier headshot

– Fred Hillier
   Stanford University, Retired

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image of two colloquia attendees, one woman and one man

Charting Your Career Path in Academia

"'As an INFORMS member for 20 years, I want to share my two cents with many young talents, especially those who are inspired to apply OR/MS to improving our health and well-being."

Nan Kong

– Nan Kong
   Purdue University 

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