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Analytics Programs Database

Many universities offer exciting programs that teach business analytics, data science, and Big Data. The Analytics Programs Database is a centralized tool to help 

  • analytics faculty members find analytics teaching resources
  • university administrators learn more about starting or enriching your analytics program
  • students applying for admission to an analytics program
  • industry executives seeking to partner with a university analytics program

Resources for Instructors

Resources for Instructors

INFORMS provides many different resources and tools for O.R. and Analytics instructors to help meet their needs in and out of the classroom. 

Instructor Resources

INFORMS Speakers Program

INFORMS Speaker Program

This is designed to provide you with access to excellent speakers who are experts in operations research and analytics.

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INFORMS Student Union

The INFORMS Student Union brings together a wide range of information and resources for students considering or pursuing degrees in O.R. and Analytics and with their entry into these exciting professions.

Learn from INFORMS Video Library 

INFORMS Video Library

We hope these presentations, complete with slides and questions and answers, inspire and help you navigate changes in the marketplace, develop strategies for excellence in operations research, and manage your practice or career.

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University Administrators: Starting and Enriching Your Analytics Programs

Survey of INFORMS Industrial Leaders

Analytics programs need industry feedback to be successful. INFORMS industrial leaders were surveyed about the educational needs of their analytics staffs.