OR/MS Tomorrow Subcommittee

The OR/MS Tomorrow Subcommittee produces the student newsletter called OR/MS Tomorrow.

Editorial Staff
Jessica Leung, Co-Lead Editor
Amira Hijazi, Co-Lead Editor

Caglar Caglayan, Co-Editor
Pritha Dutta, Co-Editor
Tatiana Gherman, Co-Editor
Karthick Gopalswamy, Co-Editor
Feng Liu, Co-Editor
Sepehr Ramyar, Co-Editor
Mohammad Torkjazi, Co-Editor

Shreya Gupta, Editorial Board
Zulqarnain Haider, Editorial Board
Kirby Ledvina, Editorial Board
Mohammad Moshref Javadi, Editorial Board
Breanna Swan, Editorial Board

Andrew Chung Chee Law, Webmaster
Xinglong Ju, Webmaster

Shalome Hanisha Anand Tatapudi, Social Media Coordinator
Nithish Saji, Social Media Coordinator

David Czerwinski, Faculty Advisor
Kara Tucker, Staff Liaison

The OR/MS Tomorrow website can be found here.

For further information on this subcommittee, please see Section 11 of the Policy & Procedures Manual.