History and Traditions

The History and Traditions Committee encourages and facilitates the collection and preservation of materials relating to the history and traditions of OR/MS. Relevant materials include documents, audio and video recordings, and other artifacts relating to the OR/MS field, its founders, leaders, and notable activities. It encourages the creation and dissemination of new historical materials through articles in society publications, books, symposia, sessions at national meetings, electronic media, and other means, in order to summarize, interpret, and carry forward the history and traditions of OR/MS.

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An Annotated Timeline of Operations Research An Annotated Timeline of Operations Research: An Informal History by Saul I. Gass and Arjang A. Assad recounts the evolution of Operations Research (O.R.) as a new science - the science of decision making. Arising from the urgent operational issues of World War II, the philosophy and methodology of OR has permeated the resolution of decision problems in business, industry, and government. more...
Topics in OR: The Operations Research Center at MIT Topics in Operations Research is the INFORMS series of research monographs for operations research professionals. Topics in O.R. had its origin in the Military Applications Section of ORSA during the 1980s, whose goals are: to advance research in military operations; foster higher standards in the practice of military operations research; promote the exchange of information among developers and users of military operations research; and encourage students of military operations research. more...
e-optimization Everyone from expert algorithm developers to business people will find a wealth of data, connections, and resources in the historical website from the INFORMS archives, e-Optimization.com. THIS SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND WILL BECOME AVAILABLE IN THE NEAR FUTURE

Presidential Portrait Gallery

Hugh J. Miser The Presidential Portrait Gallery contains pictures and biographical sketches of presidents of ORSA, TIMS, and INFORMS. The first phase of the Gallery concentrated on the first ten presidents of ORSA and TIMS. The Gallery is named in honor of two leaders in our profession: Hugh Miser and Carl Harris. Hugh moved and inspired us all with his care for and strong commitment to the history and traditions of our field. Carl Harris provided the main impetus for the conception of the Gallery and was intimately involved with its formation and development until his untimely demise. The passion that Hugh and Carl shared for their chosen profession continues to guide and inspire us.

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George B. Dantzig

George Dantzig was a pioneer innovator of theoretical and applied mathematical methods that were key to the development and efficacy of the then new field of operations research. This web site salutes him and his work.

George B. Dantzig Memorial Site

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