44th annual conference of the Canadian Operational Research Society

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Monday, June 3, 2002 - Wednesday, June 5, 2002
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Academic and Practice
CORS (Canadian Operational Research Society) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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416 978-4731
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$200-$300 US, (Students $50)
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Registration Phone:
416 978-4731
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Conference Chair: David Martell, University of Toronto, martell@smokey.forestry.utoronto.ca
Program Chair: Michael Carter, University of Toronto, carter@mie.utoronto.ca
Plenary Speakers: Arthur Geoffrion, Edward Kaplan, William Ziemba and David Simchi-Levi. Tutorials: Attahiru Sule Alfa (Queueing), Jonathan Barzilai (Preference Functions), Peter Bell (Revenue Management), John Buzacott (Supply Chain), Tony Christer (Maintenance), Raphael Epstein (Forestry), Erhan Erkut (OR Education), Michel Gendreau (Metaheuristics), Bruce Golden (Data Mining), Bill Hurley (OR in Sports), Gilbert Laporte (Vehicle Routing Problems), Benoit Montreuil (e-economy management), Joseph Paradi (DEA), Janos Pinter (Global Optimization), Marty Puterman (Markov Decision Processes), Brunhilde Sanso (Telecomm Networks), Burhan Turksen (OR Appl?s of Fuzzy Logic) and Henry Wolkowicz (Semidefinite Programming)
Invited Sessions: Aide a la decision (Gagnon) Airline Yield Mngmt (Wilson) DEA (Paradi) Decision Analysis (Comeau) DSS (Warburton) Electricity (Rogers) e-Negotiation (Kersten) Finance (Breton, Seco) Finance Appl. (Algorithmics) Forestry (Martell, Gunn) Fuzzy Applications (Turksen) Group Decision Making (Martel) Hazardous Trans. (Verter) Health Care (Carter) Inventory/Forecasting (Puterman, Glen) Location (Berman, Krass) Logistics (Chan, Cormier) Maintenance (Jardine) Markov Models (Chaudhry) Math Programming (Chinneck) Military (Ng) Multicom. Network (Gendron) Multicrit. & Goal Prog. (Aouni) Optimization (Caron/ Terlaky) Pref Function Model (Barzilai) Priority Queues (Stanford) Production Inventory (Miltenburg) Quality (Bishak, Grover) Queueing (Brill, Grassmann) Risk Theory (Drekic) Spatial Opt. (Calamai) Strategic D.M. (Fang) Strategic OR (Bell) Supply Chain (Noori, Parlar) Supply Ch. Mgmt (Martel) Supply Ch. Rev. Mgmt (Gupta) Telecom Networks (Sanso) Telecommunications (Quan) Vehicle Routing (Potvin)