ECCO XXV-2012 The 25th Conference of European Chapter on Combinatorial Optimization

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General Information
Thursday, April 26, 2012 - Saturday, April 28, 2012
Days of Week:
Target Audience:
Academic and Practice
IC Green Palace Hotel in Antalya
Country: Turkey (TUR)
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Student fee: €100-€150, Regular registration fee: €200-€250.
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Previewed Plenary Speakers:
Bernard RIES, LAMSADE - Université Paris-Dauphine
Miguel F. ANJOS, École Polytechnique de Montréal
John SHAWE-TAYLOR, University College, London
Invited streams and Organizers:
- Plenary Lectures (G.-W. Weber , R. Kasimbeyli, S. Martello, A. Ornek)
- Combinatorial and Hybrid Regulatory Systems – Game Theory
(G.-W. Weber , S.Z Alparslan Gök, E. Kropat)
- Combinatorial Optimization in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine
(J. Blazewicz, M. Szachniuk)
- Combinatorial Optimization in Data Mining (C. Iyigün)
- Combinatorial Optimization in Suppy Chain Management (M. Turkay)
- Combinatorial Optimization in the Financial Sector (G.-W. Weber , K. Yildirak)
- Emerging Applications of Combinatorial Optimization (C. Oguz, D.T. Eliiyi)
- Material Flows in Production Networks (S. Göttlich)
- Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Combinatorial Optimization (MCDM Invited Stream) (K. Miettinen)
- PASCAL 2 Stream: Machine Learning and Combinatorial Optimization (J. Zerovnik)
- Recent Advances in Scheduling (E. Pesch)
- Spectral Graph Theory Techniques and Applications in Combinatorial Optimization (D. Cardoso)
If you are planning to organize an invited stream, please contact with the co-chairs of the conference.