The International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Clean Energy and Green Computing (EEECEGC2013)

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013 - Friday, December 13, 2013
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Academic and Practice
Islamic Azad University, Dubai Branch
Country: United Arab Emirates (ARE)
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The International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Clean Energy and Green Computing (EEECEGC2013)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
December 11-13, 2013
The proposed conference will be held at Islamic Azad University, UAE Branch, Academic City Campus, Dubai, UAE from December 11-13, 2013, which aims to enable researchers build connections about Engineering.
The conference welcomes papers on the following (but not limited to) research topics:
    * Electronics Engineering
Adaptive Signal Processing
Advanced Electromagnetics
Artificial Intelligence
Bioinstrumentation: Sensors, Micro, Nano and Wearable Technologies
Circuits and Electronics
Communications and Networking
Computer Architecture for Intelligent Machines
Device Electronics for I.C
Electronic Medical Devices
Electronics & Nano Electronics
Electronics System-Level Based Design
FPGA and Reconfigurable Architecture based System
Fiber Optics and Fiber Devices
High Performance VLSI Systems
Integrated Optics
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Low-Power Signal Processing
Micro/Nano Systems and Networks
Mobile Computing
Multimedia Services and Technologies
Networks Design, Protocols and Management
Optical Electronic Devices & Photonics
Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits
Robotic Systems
System on Chips and Network on Chips
Techniques of Laser and Applications Of Electro-optics
    * Electrical Engineering
Analog Circuits and Digital Circuits
Analysis of Power Quality and System Stability
Antenna and Propagation
Battery Management System
Bioinformatics & Biomedical Imaging
Biomedical Signal Processing
Brain-Computer Interfacing and Human–Computer Interfacing
Computer Relaying
Computer-Aided Surgery
Data Compression and Watermarking
Electric Energy Processing
Electro-optical Phenomena of Semiconductors
Electromagnetic and Photonics
Expert Systems
Health Care Information Systems
Healthcare Information Systems, Telemedicine
Image Processing     Information Security and Cryptography
Integrated Optics and Electro-optics Devices
Internet and web solutions for healthcare
Microwave Theory and Techniques
Microwave and millimeter circuit and Antenna
Mobile Security
Modeling, Simulation, Systems and Control
Modulation, Coding, and Channel Analysis
Multimedia Signal Processing
Natural Language Processing
Neural Networks
Parallel Programming & Processing
Power Electronics
Power IC
Remote control and techniques of GPS
Robotics and Atomization Engineering
Signal Integrity Design for High-Speed Digital Systems
Signal Processing
Simulation of Propagation
Smart Grid
Speech Analysis and Synthesis
Speech Recognition
Wireless Communication
    * Clean Energy/Green Computing
Biofuel and Energy from Waste Materials
Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing
Climate and Eco System Monitoring
Data Modeling for Cloud-Based Networks
Efficient Energy generation and distribution
Electrical Vehicles and Smart Grid
Energy Efficiency
Energy Minimization in Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
Energy Usage of High Performance System
Energy and Environmental Sustainability in Information Systems and Network
Energy-Efficient memory management in virtual machine environments
Geothermal Energy
Hydrogen and Energy Storage
Life Cycle analysis of IT Equipment
Low-power Electronics and Systems
Low-power electronics and systems
Memory energy optimizations in smartphones
Power Efficient Hardware
Power and energy Profiling and Metrics
Power-aware algorithms and protocols
Power-aware algorithms and protocols
Power-aware software and hardware
Reducing Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Network
Renewable Energy and Transport
Renewable energy models and prediction
Smart Grids and Micro Grids
Smart Transportation and manufacturing
Smart buildings and urban development
Solar Power Generation
Thermal-aware power optimization techniques for servers and data centers
Using IT to reduce carbon emissions
Wind Power Generation
Wind, Wave, and Solar energy
Zero Carbon Urban design
All registered papers will be included in SDIWC Digital Library, and in the proceedings of the conference.
Researchers are encouraged to submit their work electronically. All papers will be fully refereed by a minimum of two specialized referees. Before final acceptance, all referees comments must be considered.
Queries can be forwarded to: