Land Translog II

Event Detail

General Information
Monday, December 12, 2011 - Thursday, December 15, 2011
Target Audience:
Academic and Practice
Hotel Patagónico, in Puerto Varas, Chilean Patagonia.
Country: Chile (CHL)
Early Rate- By 11/31 - Participants US$ 350, Students US $150
Event Details/Other Comments:

The goal of the first LAND workshop, held in March 2009, was to gather together researchers in the fields of Location and Network Design. Although some researchers have made contributions in both fields, the progress has been mainly in parallel, as demonstrated by the main meetings in both areas: TRISTAN and ISOLDE which, as the mythical lovers, are never together at the same place and time. On the other hand, the TRANSLOG Workshop, on Transportation and Logistics, organized in December 2009, included topics that were also touched in the LAND Workshop, and attracted people that would feel comfortable attending the LAND Workshop, too.

Being this the case, and considering that both events were very successful, we thought of giving one more step in promoting interaction and exchange of ideas among people coming from the two fields. This will be a good opportunity for exploring common interest and to learn how people from other fields address the same or similar problems.

With these goals in mind, we invite you to the LAND – TRANSLOG II, to be held in Puerto Varas, Chile, in December 12 – 15 this year.