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Monday, November 28, 2005 - Tuesday, November 29, 2005
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Academic and Practice
University of Nantes, Nantes - France
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Constraint programming and metaheuristics share the same objective at offering effective tools to aid decision makers in solving real-life problems. Several attempts have been done to combine the two paradigms in order to provide new efficient tools. This workshop aims to further stimulate cross-paradigms work on this field of research. Researches and practitioners will be given the opportunity to discuss recent advances in diverse topics such as:

- Metaheuristics and CP for continuous/discrete linear/nonlinear single/multiple objective optimization problems
- CP embedded in metaheuristics
- Metaheuristics embedded in CP
- Space reduction/decomposition with CP or metaheuristic techniques for optimization problems
- Hybrid methods between CP and Local Search based metaheuristics (simulated annealing, tabu search, etc.)
- Hybrid methods between CP and Evolutionary metaheuristics (genetic algorithms, memetic algorithms, etc.)
- Hybrid methods between CP and Constructive metaheuristics (ant colony optimization, GRASP, etc.)
- Hybrid methods between CP and other aspects of metaheuristics (path relinking, neural networks)
- New Local Search strategies in CP
- CP and preference-based methods
- Hybrid approaches dedicated to problems characterized by their combinatorial structures (knapsack, covering, partitioning, etc.)
- Applications (transportation, networks, scheduling, engineering, timetabling, business, bioinformatics, datamining, etc.)
- Success stories
- Software aspects (software class libraries, algorithms and data structures, reusable software, parallel computing).

This EU/ME workshop is collocated with the CP and OR French working group and will bring researchers and practitioners from both communities. The overall aim of the workshop is to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences among the workshop participants.