Second European Conference on Intelligent Management Systems in Operations (IMSIO)

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Tuesday, July 3, 2001 - Wednesday, July 4, 2001
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Academic and Practice
ORS (Operational Research Society (UK)) Salford, UK
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Operations management posses a number of problems of significant complexity whose solution would lead to more
effective operations and bring significant economic benefits. Their solution, however, requires novel approaches that are
based on techniques and principles from both Operational Research and Artificial Intelligence.
The first conference in this series was held in Salford, Greater Manchester, UK in March 1997, and attracted papers
from researchers and practitioners from throughout the world including Australia, Hong Kong and Brazil, as well as
Europe. Selected papers from the first conference appeared in the Journal of the Operational Research Society and two
issues of the Journal of Integrated Manufacturing.
The second conference will also be held at Salford University, Greater Manchester, and aims to bring together
researchers and practitioners working on the challenging problems in operations management that are at the OR-AI
Researchers and practitioners from industry and academia are invited to submit papers in all areas related to aspects of
design, development, testing and implementation of intelligent management systems in manufacturing and service
operations covering but not restricted to:
Process Design and Control.
Scheduling and Capacity Planning
Maintenance and Fault Diagnosis
Inventory Management
Knowledge Management in Operations
Quality Management and Control
Workforce Training and Management
Papers describing case studies utilising or evaluating OR / AI techniques such as neural networks, data mining,
knowledge based systems, case based reasoning, fuzzy logic, Bayesian networks, and agent technology are particularly