Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Expert Javad Mohammadi on the Expansion of America’s Electric Grid for EVs

BALTIMORE, MD, February 11, 2022 – New audio is available for media use featuring Javad Mohammadi, an assistant professor with the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. His research focuses on addressing the resiliency and decarbonization needs of the electric grid and electrified mobility systems. He is also a member of INFORMS.

In this audio content, Mohamaddi discusses the expansion of America’s electric grid for electric vehicles (EVs). All sound should be attributed to Javad Mohammadi. There are 4 questions and responses. These responses were provided on February 10, 2022.


Question 1: When it comes to broader deployment of electric vehicles in America, what role will expansion of the electric grid play for those vehicles?

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“Accessibility and reliability of our charging infrastructure are the keys to promoting electric vehicle deployments. This means that we need to have a resilient electric grid that can feed electric vehicles when and where it’s needed. Also, having an efficient electric grid is critical to delivering clean energy to charge electric vehicles and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Question 2: What are the key challenges for expansion of the electric grid for EVs?

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“Our electric grid is aging and is not well-prepared to deal with disasters and weather issues. So, we need to modernize this infrastructure to deal with climate shocks and keep up with the growing energy demand. The future of our energy grid will, for the most part, rely on its ability to store energy. So, electric vehicles could be a part of the solution because they are effectively batteries on the wheel, meaning that they can store energy and discharge it when needed. The main question here would be how to incentivize and manage an army of small batteries like individual batteries and electric vehicles to help the grid at time of need.”

Question 3: What progress has been made so far in expanding the grid for Electric Vehicles?

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“As manufacturers are betting big on EVs, the expectation is that our electric grid should keep up.  And there is a consensus that we need to invest in our electric infrastructure, and we need to have a modern electric system. Our decision-makers have started to rethink the role of Electric Vehicles in the future of our electric grid and develop plans and strategies for better integration. But these efforts need to accelerate.”

Question 4: How should America move forward to expand the electric grid for EVs?

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“We need to think holistically and consider transportation electrification in the broader context of our energy transition. We need the right policies in place to incentivize EV adoption and encourage EV owners to help the grid in times of need. And addressing these questions is critical as we are upgrading our grid and building our charging infrastructure.”

Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Expert Javad Mohammadi on the Expansion of America’s Electric Grid for EVs

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