Fraud Analytics Webinar

With evidence of insurance fraud occurring in ancient Greece as early as 360 B.C., it is safe to say that fraudsters are nothing new. However, the opportunities for fraud and the means by which to commit it have only multiplied over time. 

During this webinar, presenter Dr. Tahir Ekin, Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods at Texas State University’s McCoy College of Business, will cover the evolution of fraud (and fraud detection) from ancient Greece to modern America, where one of the most prolific targets remains the healthcare sector. 

In addition to numerous modern examples of fraud in the healthcare sector, Dr. Ekin will highlight cases related to the insurance industry and the CARES Act, passed earlier this year to provide relief from COVID-related financial pressures, before elaborating on statistical fraud assessment in detail. Along the way, you will learn methodologies of descriptive  analytics for fraud detection – including tips for data cleaning, model selection, challenges and limitations & more. Don’t miss out on this timely, informative webinar session! 

Date & Time:

Tuesday, June 23 @ 12noon – 1pm CDT


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Tahir Ekin
Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods in McCoy College of Business
Texas State University 

Tahir Ekin is an Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods in McCoy College of Business, Texas State University. His areas of expertise include statistical applications in medical fraud assessment and simulation based stochastic optimization. His previous work experience includes a stint as a statistician working on health care fraud detection. He is the author of the book titled “Statistics and Health Care Fraud: How to Save Billions” which was published as part of the ASA/CRC Series on Statistical Reasoning in Science and Society. His scholar work on fraud analytics has been published in a variety of academic journals including International Statistical Review, The American Statistician, Journal of Royal Statistical Society Series C. His work has been presented in various conferences sponsored by International Statistical Institute (ISI), International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics (ISBIS), International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) and INFORMS. He recently taught a short course on fraud analytics in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as part of 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress. He has been the recipient of Texas State University 2018 Presidential Distinction Award in Scholar Activities, and ASA/NISS y-Bis 2016 Best Paper Award among others. He has developed and taught courses in the areas of business statistics, optimization, data mining and analytics. Dr. Ekin is an elected member of ISI, and also currently serves as Vice President of ISBIS.