2023 Mini-Poster Competition Results

Following the 2020 and 2021 successes, the OR/MS Tomorrow mini poster competition came back in Fall 2023. In total, nineteen high-quality submissions competed with one another in the undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. categories. Thank you all for your excellent work and for submitting it to our competition. Candidates were required to design one letter-sized page to communicate their research topic to the broader audience in the OR/MS community. A group of judges chose the winners based on the novelty of the topic, maturity of the content, quality of the information, engagement, and aesthetics.

PhD Category

1st Place

Brendan Anderson, University of California Berkley

"Asymmetric Certified Robustness via Feature-convex Neural Networks"


2nd Place

Antonio Georgantas, University of Cyprus

"Bi-objective Staggered School Schedules Optimization for the Morning Commute Problem"


Honorable Mentions

Zhe Fu, University of California Berkley

"Cooperative Driving for Speed Harmonization in Mixed-traffic Environments"

Nandan Kumar Singh, Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam

"Government Subsidy Policy for the Development of Electric Vehicle Battery Management System"

Zihan Zhang, Georgia Institute of Technology

"Tensor-based Feedback Control for Local Structured High-dimensional Streaming Data Under Limited Control Capability"


Master’s Category

1st Place

Nolan Skelly, Air Force Institute of Technology

"An Improved Saliency Map that Showed Trustworthiness for Localizing Abnormalities in Medical Imaging"


2nd Place

Soham Agarwal, Purdue University

"Using Large Language Models for Entity Extraction in the Healthcare Sector"


Honorable Mention

Suheil Salih, University of Dayton

"Evaluating Accessibility of Food Resources in the Miami Valley"


Undergraduate Category

1st Place

Yunlei Tang, Purdue University

"Integrating OpenAI into an R Shiny App: A Tool to Generate Pictures From Stories"


PhD Category

Kara Combs Jessica Leung  Armagan Ozbilge 
Haokun Du Xiaoyu Ma  Sofia Perez-Guzman
Nathan Gaw Yen Nguyen  

Master’s/Undergraduate Categories

Kara Combs  Nandan Kumar Singh 
Haokun Du  Yiwen Wang 
Jessica Leung Zihan Zhang

Mini-poster Competition | 1st Place (Ph.D.): Brendon G. Anderson (Author Acknowledgements: Samuel Pfrommer, Julien Piet & Somayeh Sojoudi


Mini-poster Competition | 1st Place (Master’s): Nolan C. Skelly (Advisor: Nathan B. Gaw)


Mini-poster Competition | 1st Place (Undergraduate): Yunlei Tang (Author Acknowledgements: Danhe Tang & Matthew Lanham) Part 1


2023 MINI-POSTER COMPETITION | 1st Place (Undergraduate): Yunlei Tang (Author Acknowledgements: Danhe Tang & Matthew Lanham) Part 2