Letter from the Lead Editor

Fall/Winter 2019 Issue

Fall/Winter 2019 Issue

Dear reader,

We are pleased to present you with the Fall/Winter 2019 edition of OR/MS Tomorrow. This issue has been made possible by the hard work of the entire staff at OR/MS Tomorrow.

This thematic issue focuses on operations research and game theory. The analysis of games has been recorded as early as President James Madison’s analysis on the behavior of US states under different taxation systems. Modern game theory has evolved quite a bit, with extensive developments since the 1950s. The articles in this issue serve as an introductory peak into the rich area of game theory, and its interplay with traditional operations research concepts. In addition to delving into the applications of game theory in health-care supply chains and cake cutting protocols, this issue also showcases methodological topics such as bi-level programming and machine learning. We are excited for you to read this issue.

We have some exciting new developments in our team. We are pleased to welcome new members Andrew Law, Feng Liu, Nithish Saji, Breanna Swan and Zulqarnain Haider to our team. Starting February 2019, we are excited to be given the opportunity to pen down articles in a regular student column in OR/MS Today, a bi-monthly INFORMS magazine. We will also be organizing a student writing competition for the next issue of OR/MS Tomorrow (details will be announced soon!).

We hope you enjoy the content and look forward to hearing any thoughts you may have regarding OR/MS Tomorrow via email at orms_tomorrow@mail.informs.org.

Best regards,

Hossein Badri and Rahul Swamy
Co-Lead Editors
OR/MS Tomorrow