Letter from the Lead Editor

Fall/Winter 2017 Issue

Dear Readers,

I’d like to begin this letter by stating that this will be the last time I will be a part of ORMS Tomorrow in the Lead Editor’s capacity. Leading and supervising this team has been an honor and I wish the new Lead-Editors the best in continuing the great work we’ve been doing.

Our theme for this issue focusses on Hurricanes and the role ORMS plays in helping humanity deal with these natural disasters. This past year has seen a record number of Hurricanes landing in the United States and all of us, as Operations Research practitioners, have a duty in helping our planet tackle them. In this issue, we provide you with articles about forecasting techniques, the history of disaster management, the use of simulation to predict and assess hurricanes, and highlight student chapters that play important roles in this arena.

I’m excited for you to read this issue. Besides new leadership, our magazine has also hired many new volunteers, all of whom are as excited as I am in providing you with the best perspective of news from the realm of Operations Research. I hope you enjoy the content and look forward to hearing any thoughts you may have regarding OR/MS Tomorrow via email at orms_tomorrow@mail.informs.org.

Kind Regards,

Siddhartha Nambiar