Letter from the Lead Editor

Spring/Summer 2018 Issue

Dear readers,

We are pleased to present the Summer/Spring 2018 edition of OR/MS Tomorrow. The creativity and hard work from the entire staff at OR/MS Tomorrow has made this possible.

This issue focuses on machine learning (ML) and operations research (OR). The past few years has seen a proliferation of work in the exciting intersection of machine learning and operations research, both in terms of methodological research and practical applications. This dedicated issue highlights the use of machine learning in specific domains such as in the energy sector, material science, ethnography, etc., and discusses recent work in integer programming and ML, in addition to the perception of ML from the OR side.

We are excited for you to read this issue. Besides our new team, we have also expanded our online presence, especially on Twitter (https://twitter.com/ORMS_Tomorrow). We are excited to be providing you with the best perspective of news from the realm of Operations Research and Management Sciences.

We hope you enjoy the content and look forward to hearing any thoughts you may have regarding OR/MS Tomorrow via email at orms_tomorrow@mail.informs.org.

Best regards,

Hossein Badri and Rahul Swamy
Co-Lead Editors
OR/MS Tomorrow