Letter from the Lead Editor

Fall 2019 Issue

Dear reader,

We are pleased to present you with the Fall 2019 edition of OR/MS Tomorrow. This issue has been made possible by the hard work of our entire staff.

We are pleased to announce the results from our first ever student writing competition conducted earlier this year. The three winning articles in this issue, spanning topics from AI in healthcare to OR in gerrymandering, are published are in this issue. The judging committee consisted of our writing staff and editorial board members, and evaluated the submissions based on criteria such as argument, topic and form.

Breaking tradition from our single-theme-based articles, this issue brings to you contributed articles ranging from preserving biodiversity to market design. We also have an informational piece on CMU INFORMS Student Chapter’s student-run competition, YinzOR, which has steadily grown over the last several years in participation and impact. We wish them continued success in the years to come.

Additionally, to engage more broadly with the OR/MS student community, our staff has made regular contributions to a new student column at OR/MS Today. Contributions include navigating the OR/MS academic job market - one from a candidate’s perspective (here) and one from a hiring committee’s perspective (here) – and a column on the industry job market (here). We also compiled an article on student volunteering (here) with perspectives from six contributors on how volunteering impacted their professional and personal lives.


We thank the OR/MS community for your continued engagement and support for our team. We hope you enjoy the content, and look forward to hearing any thoughts you may have regarding OR/MS Tomorrow via email at orms_tomorrow@mail.informs.org.


We are hiring new team members across the board. More information can be found here.


Best regards,


Hossein Badri and Rahul Swamy

Co-Lead Editors

OR/MS Tomorrow