OR/MS Tomorrow Mini Poster Competition 2022 Winners

Congratulations to the winners!

Following the 2020 and 2021 successes, the OR/MS Tomorrow mini poster competition came back this fall. This competition, supported by the Seth Bonder Foundation, seeks to nurture student researchers in developing the skills to summarize and articulate their research ideas effectively and efficiently. This year, the submissions competed at the graduate level. We received several high-quality submissions, including machine learning and optimization techniques applied in health care, sustainability, food security, and more. Thank you all for your excellent work and for submitting it to our competition.

The competition was open to all students, including current INFORMS members and non-members. Candidates were required to design one letter-sized page to communicate their research topic to the broader audience in the OR/MS community. A group of judges chose the winners based on the novelty of the topic, maturity of the content, quality of the information, engagement, and aesthetics. In addition to cash prizes, the winning posters are published in this OR/MS Tomorrow Fall/Winter 2022 issue. All winners will receive an electronic certificate celebrating their achievements. Non-INFORMS members winners will receive a free one-year INFORMS student membership. Last, all participants will receive feedback from the judges to support the student’s future work and communication skills.

Winning entries:

First: "The Impact of Considering Equity in Optimization for Urban Planning"
Drew Horton, University of Colorado Denver

Second: "Content Promotion for Online Content Platforms with the Diffusion Effect"
Yunduan Lin, University of California Berkeley

Honorable Mention: "The Blockchain Newsvendor: Value of Freshness Transparency and Smart Contracts"
Chenghuai Li, Duke University

First place: Drew Horton - Author’s acknowledgment: Emily Speakman, Daphne Skipper, Tom Logan

Second place: Yunduan Lin - Author’s acknowledgment: Mengxin Wang; Max Shen; Heng Zhang; Renyu Zhang