High School Operations Research

Since 1996, we have been developing instructional materials for use in high school mathematics classrooms. The writing team that developed these modules consisted of high school mathematics teachers directed by a mathematics teacher educator and a professor of operations research. These modules are featured in a forthcoming Fairfax County Public School system/INFORMS video. They are regularly used in workshops for high school math teachers at the INFORMS National Meeting, at NCTM conferences and at some regional workshops. If you would like to request a regional workshop, click here.

Each module develops secondary mathematics concepts in real-world contexts drawn from the field of operations research. These applications span the spectrum of organizations: from Bethlehem Steel to Ponderosa Plywood of Mexico, from Hertz to HP, from routing Meals-on-Wheels to routing Special Ed school buses. Organizations around the globe use decision making aids that build on the basic math concepts that all high school students study in algebra and many see in an introductory probability or discrete mathematics course. The modules on this website translate these examples into teacher friendly material that can be brought directly into the classroom to be read and worked on by students. They are aligned with NCTM's Principles and Standards. You can download a module from the Modules' page.

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Order "Operations Research + You = An Exciting Career"
A package for high school students and teachers that demonstrates the relevance and excitement of operations research and mathematics in general. Using a combination of videotape, computer software (both Macintosh and PC-compatible software are provided), exercises, and text, this package is an invaluable teaching aid for introducing operations research concepts.