2015 Edelman Finalist IBM

Predictive Cloud Computing Efficiently Manages Digital Experiences and Showcases IBM Technology at Professional Golf and Tennis Tournaments

Due to the growth of the Internet, mobile and other smart technologies, the demand placed on digital platforms supported by enterprise cloud computing capabilities is rapidly growing. To support IBM’s leadership in analytics, mobile and cloud technologies, a small team within IBM Global Technology Services (GTS) developed a system using advanced analytics that addresses the dynamic and unpredictable web traffic patterns produced by a digital enterprise workload, while driving greater operational efficiencies across compute and labor resources. Current cloud platforms are reactive, requiring human intervention to scale compute resources to meet demand. To address this shortcoming the GTS team invented the Predictive Cloud Computing (PCC) system that uses multiple advanced analytical techniques to produce models that forecast Internet traffic demands in near real-time, allocating compute resources as needed. In 2014, GTS applied the PCC system across multiple tennis and golf sporting tournaments reducing our cloud computing hours by 50% while driving a reduction in labor by integrating automation. PCC continues to expand, producing 16 additional patent filings since inception strengthening IBM’s analytics patent portfolio and overall Brand.