2015 Edelman Winner Syngenta

Good Growth Through Advanced Analytics

Syngenta is committed to bringing greater food security to an increasingly populous world by creating a transformational shift in farm productivity. Syngenta Soybean Research & Development (R&D) is leading Syngenta’s overall corporate breeding strategy by developing and implementing a new product development model that is enabling the creation of efficient and effective breeding strategies necessary to compete in the soybean agriculture market. Key to the new strategy is the combination of advanced analytics and plant breeding knowledge to detect opportunities for increasing the genetic gain of crop productivity and the optimization of our breeding processes. Syngenta used discrete event and Monte Carlo simulation models to codify Syngenta Soybean R&D best practices, and used stochastic optimization to create the best soybean breeding plans and strategically-aligned research efforts. The new analytical tools dramatically change the way project leads are thinking and planning, the results of which will provide more than $287M in cost avoidance for Syngenta Seeds Product Development fro 2012-2016 and substantially improve the probability of successfully delivering a portfolio value exceeding $1.5B.