2016 Edelman Award Finalist 360i

Digital Nervous System Generate $250MM in Cost Savings and $1B in Revenue Creation for Clients

360i manages paid search ads on behalf of some of the largest advertisers in the world. Management requires developing ad copy, allocating budgets and generating bids for a second price auction across millions of keywords, seasonality, geographies, device types and audience segments. To ensure we buy the right click for our clients every time, 360i has built a technology suite which is unique in the industry and includes natural language processing that puts keywords together with the right ad copy and landing pages to maximize relevance to the consumer; Advanced forecasting and optimization to make sure budgets are allocated where and when they are needed; Predictive bidding that uses linguistic similarity as a proxy for performance correlation between keywords to calculate accurate bids for keywords with sparse data; And performance monitoring which unscrambles the opaque second price auction to tackle campaign performance issues before they occur. The system has been central to 360i winning multiple awards including Google’s “Marketing Machine” award, OMMA magazine’s “Search Agency of the Year” award and Forrester’s recognition of 360i as the number one digital search agency. Most importantly, application of advanced Operations Research techniques has generated $1B in incremental revenue for 360i’s paid search clients.