2019 Edelman Finalist Spanish Aviation Safety & Security Agency (AESA)

RIMAS – Safer Skies in Spain

The International Civil Aviation Organization dictates that each nation must develop a State Safety Program (SSP) to develop a preventative approach for aviation safety oversight and management on a national level. These programs enable strategic decision-making and resource allocation to support hazard identification, risk evaluation, safety assurance, and safety promotion. The Spanish Aviation Safety & Security Agency (AESA) partnered with the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences to introduce analytics methodologies to support the SSP process. Their methodology, the Risk Management in Aviation Safety (RIMAS) tool represents the first time advanced analytics techniques have been utilized in a preventative approach to civil aviation, and manages all the objectives of the SSP as well as the various stakeholders, including air carriers, traffic controllers, airport services providers, and various national aviation safety agencies. Since RIMAS was implemented, it has enabled AESA to realize a 25 percent reduction in annual equivalent safety costs, or nearly $230 million in savings.