How to Win with Analytics...vidi, vici

Nathaniel Lin, PhD, Founder, Analytics Executive Network, and Adjunct Professor, Georgia Tech College of Management

It looks like 2011 will be a year of analytics. More than just returning to their pre-recessionary level, many businesses are increasing their investments as they view analytics as the key and possibly the only edge for them to win in this highly competitive and fast-changing business environment. Having worked with many companies big and small that have aspired to be analytically competitive, Lin has seen many costly attempts but relatively few successes. This talk will be a brief survey of the many lessons and best practices that Lin has personally witnessed, experienced and benchmarked to date. His goal is to arm the analytically aspired companies with the right enablers and increase their chance of winning. The major take-aways for those who attend this talk will be:
• Given the many confusing definitions for analytics, what is and is not the analytics for winning?
• What are the many pitfalls that would prevent businesses from extracting full values from their analytics investments?
• Analytics best practices that are becoming "must-have's" as they have enabled many companies (Harrah's, Amazon, Google, CapitalOne, P&G, eBay, etc.) who have adopted them to win and become industry leaders.
• Lin's recommended roadmap to winning with analytics.

This presentation was filmed at the 2011 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research

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