Optimizing Customer Analytics: How Customer-Level Web Data Can Help

Bill Franks, MS, Chief Analytics Officer, Global SAS Program, Teradata Corporation

As technology progresses, analytics that were theoretically exciting, but not pragmatically feasible, become achievable. One such area is the integration of detailed, customer-level behavior data sourced from a website into an enterprise analytics environment. Web vendors provide operational reporting on click-thru rates, traffic sources, and web-centric metrics based only on web data. However, the customer-level data is neither integrated with other data sources nor utilized in any depth. Leading companies have shown how detailed, customer-level web data enables leaps in the power of analytical, predictive modeling, and optimization efforts. This talk will outline:
• What data industry leaders are collecting and integrating,
• The problems they are addressing using the data,
• Some examples of the successes achieved.

The case studies and concepts are quite compelling and promise to be eye-opening to those who have not yet given much thought to this topic.

This presentation was filmed at the 2011 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research

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