Simplifying Vehicle Choice

car fleet

Ford’s Fleet Purchase PlannerTM is the first of its kind in promoting sustainability as a central purchase consideration for organizations with large vehicle fleets.

In recent years, several new green vehicle technologies have emerged that present opportunities for increasing fuel economy, but this growing number of options is also making planning purchases a significantly more complicated endeavor. This decision support system is designed to simplify this process by optimizing for individual driving patterns. 

The Ford team is helping the company’s fleet customers find the most cost-effective opportunities for increasing their sustainability by helping fleet buyers weigh all their options. These tools help buyers choose the best vehicles from Ford’s lineup to manage their costs and reduce their company’s carbon footprint. Fleet customers work with their Ford account manager or a fleet analyst to use the Planner to build a custom fleet of Ford vehicles. Buyers are then able to change their hypothetical fleet until the vehicle mix meets their specific costs and environmental goals.