Proceedings of the TSL Second Triennial Conference

May 27-29, 2020

The Resource-Constrained Elementary Shortest Path Problem with Hotstarting
Luis J. Novoa, Ahmad I. Jarrah, Jeremy Ezell


A Branch-Price-and-Cut Algorithm for Robust Vehicle Routing under Demand Uncertainty
Akang Wang, Anirudh Subramanyam, Chrysanthos E. Gounaris


Public On-Demand Transportation: A Markovian Continuous Approximation Model
Daniel F. Silva, Alexander Vinel, Bekircan Kirkici


A Data-Driven Optimization Approach for the Dynamic Shuttle Dispatching Problem
Amirmahdi Tafreshian, Neda Masoud


Modelling Short-Haul Rail as a Demand-Shifting Solution for Metropolitan Container Transportation
Andrew Perrykkad, Andreas T. Ernst, Mohan Krishnamoorthy


Stochastic Container Relocation Problem with Constrained Pre-Processing Moves
Bernard Zweers, Rob van der Mei, Sandjai Bhulai


Pessimistic Evasive Flow Capturing Problems
Aigerim Bogyrbayeva, Changhyun Kwon


The Value of Data for Customer Acceptance in Attended Home Deliveries
Charlotte Köhler, Jan Fabian Ehmke, Ann Melissa Campbell


Estimating Primary Demand in Bike-Sharing Systems
Chong Yang Goh, Chiwei Yan, Patrick Jaillet


Dynamic Pricing and Matching in Ride-Hailing Platforms
Chiwei Yan, Helin Zhu, Nikita Koroko, Dawn Woodard


Choice-Based Airline Schedule Design and Fleet Assignment: A Decomposition Approach
Chiwei Yan, Cynthia Barnhart, Vikrant Vaze


The Selective Traveling Salesman Problem with Release Dates and Drone Resupply
Juan C. Pina-Pardo, Daniel F. Silva, Alice E. Smith


The Multi-Attribute Two-Echelon Location-Routing Problem with Fleet Synchronization at Intermediate Facilities
David Escobar-Vargas, Claudio Contardo, Teodor Gabriel Crainic


An Iterative Tabu-GRASP Based Heuristic for the Feeder Network Design Problem
David Sacramento, David Pisinger


Towards a Decision Support Tool for Airport Slot Allocation: An Application to Guarulhos (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Diana Jorge, Nuno Ribero, António Antunes


A Freight Share-a-Trip Problem
Dingtong Yang, Michael Hyland, R. Jayakrishnan


Fleet Sizing and Service Region Partitioning for Same-Day Delivery Systems
Dipayan Banerjee, Alan Erera, Alejandro Toriello


A Pick Up and Delivery Problem with Demand Regions
Eric Oden, Yuchen Luo, Bruce Golden, Raghu S. Raghavan


Stochastic Destination Open Vehicle Routing for Crowd-Shipping
Fabian Torres, Michel Gendreau, Walter Rei


Optimal Placement of Private Electric Charging Stations for a Commercial Fleet Operator
Gregor Godbersen, Rainer Kolisch, Maximilian Schiffer


Short-Term Repositioning for Empty Vehicles on Ride-Sourcing Platforms
Hai Wang, Zhengli Wang


Using Sample Average Approximation to Fulfill On-Demand Requests with Increased Driver Autonomy
Hannah Horner, Jennifer Pazour, John E. Mitchell


A Shared-Mobility-Based Evacuation Planning and Operations Framework under Demand Uncertainty
Huiwen Jia, Kati Mong, Siqian Shen


DRONETIM: Dynamic Routing of uNmanned-Aerial and Emergency Team Incident Management
Justice Darko, Larkin Folsom, Hyoshin Park


Design and Evaluation of New Crowdsourced Order-Fulfillment Policies
Iman Dayarian, Jennifer Pazour


Road Traffic Network Design and Control Using a Multi-Class Diffussion Model
Michel Mandjes, Jaap Storm


Potential of Anticipatory Decision-Making in Dynamic Fleet Management
Jarmo Haferkamp, Jan Fabian Ehmke


Transit User Route-Choice Modeling with Risk-Preference
Justice Darko, Hyoshin Park


On-Demand Urban Aerial Mobility Planning: An Adaptive Discretization Approach
Kai Wang, Alexandre Jacquillat, Vikrant Vaze


Adaptive Personal Routing for Vulnerable Road Users
Khadijeh Shirzad, Justice Darko, Larkin Folsom, Nigel Pugh, Hyoshin Park


Crowdwourced-Focused Redistribution Operations in Free-Floating Scooter Systems
Lacy Greening, Alan Erera


Information-Theoretic Decision-Making for Multiple Agents in Uncertain Network Conditions
Larkin Folsom, Hyoshin Park


Information Relaxation Bounds for Dynamic Decisions on Time-Space Networks
Lavanya Marla, Mozhde Bagheri Hosseini


Exploration Versus Exploration for Collaborative Sensing and Routing in the National Airspace
Jing Gao, Ankur Mani, Lavanya Marla


Strategic Service Logistics Games with Customer-Induced Competition
Peter C. McGlaughlin, Jungeun Shin, Lavanya Marla


Optimizing the Coordination of Ambulances and Drone-Delivered Equipment Operated by Bystanders
Jungeun Shin, Lavanya Marla, Justin Boutilier


Information Relaxation Bounds for Evaluating Ambulance Dispatch and Allocation Policies
Lavanya Marla, Achal Bassamboo, Milind Sohoni


From Average Customer to Individual Traveler: A Field Experiment in Airline Ancillary Pricing
Naman Shukla, Arinbjorn Kolbeinsson, Lavanya Marla, Akhil Gupta, Kartik Yellepeddi


Multi-Agent Routing Simulation with Partial Smart Vehicles Penetration
Bogumil Kaminski, Lukas Kraiński, Atefeh Mashatan, Pawel Pralat, Przemyslaw Szufel


Planning Rail Hazmat Shipments in the Presence of Random Disruptions
Manish Verma, Armin Jabbarzadeh, Nader Azad


Connecting Social Networks and Scheduling Networks: An Application to the Red Cross
Mariana Escallon-Barrios, Reut Noham, Karen Smilowitz


Balancing Cost and Emission Preferences of Heterogeneous Customers in a VRP
Martin Behnke, Thomas Kirschstein, Christian Biewirth


Operational Strategies for a Personal Shopper Service
Alp M. Arslan, Niels Agatz, Mathias Klapp


Collaborative Transportation with Optional Customers
Mathijs van Zon, Guy Desaulniers


On the Interplay between Self-Driving Cars and Public Transportation: A Game-Theoretic Perspective
Nicolas Lanzetti, Maximilian Schiffer, Michael Ostrovsky, Marco Pavone


Co-Optimizing the Smart Grid and Electric Public Transit System
Mertcan Yetkin, Brandon R. Augustino, Lawrence V. Snyder, Alberto J. Lamadrid


Tabu Search for the Time-Dependent Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows on a Road Network
Michel Gendreau, Maha Gmira, Andrea Lodi, Jean-Yves Potvin


Transit Timetable Synchronization for Transfer Time Minimization
Mojtaba Abdolmaleki, Neda Masoud, Yafeng Yin


A Cumulative Service State Representation for the Pickup and Delivery Problem with Transfers
Monireh Mahmoudi, Junhua Chen, Tie Shi, Yongxiang Zhang, Xuesong Zhou


Bi-Objective Facility Location in the Presence of Uncertainty
Najmesadat Nazemi, Sophie N. Parragh, Walter J. Gutjahr


Atari-fying the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Service Requests
Nicholas D. Kullman, Jorge E. Mendoza, Martin Cousineau, Justin C. Goodson


Subsidy Policy for Risk Equity in the Rail Hazmat Transportation Network: A Risk Mitigation Strategy
Nishit Bhavsar, Manish Verma


Charger Location in Electric Bus Networks
Pierre Vendé, Jorge E. Mendoza, Yannick Kergosien, Michel Gendreau


Solving Transit First Mile/Last Mile Problem with Ridesharing
Pramesh Kumar, Alireza Khani


Pricing of Shared Autonomous Vehicles Systems with Elastic Demand
Qingyang Xiao, Zhiheng Xu, Jee Eun Kang


Robust Sort Plan Design for Express Parcel Delivery Systems
Reem Khir, Alan Erera, Alejandro Toriello


Dynamic Vehicle Allocation and Charging Policies for Shared Autonomous Electric Vehicles
René De Koster, Yuxuan Dong, Debjit Roy


Self-Organizing Strategies for Dispatching Buses and Drivers
R.N. van Lieshout, P.C. Bouman, D. Huisman, J.M. van den Akker


Benders Decomposition for Integrated Rolling Stock and Shunting Driver Rescheduling
Rowan Hoogervorst, Ralf Borndörfer


Dynamic Inventory Relocation for a One-Way Electric Car Sharing System with Uncertain Demand
Rui Liu, Shu Zhang, Ping Chen


Joint Parcel Routing and Containerized Consolidation
Sara Kaboudvand, Benoit Montreuil, Martin Savelsbergh


Utilization of Autonomous Vehicles on the Rural-Urban Continuum
Sara Reed, Ann Campbell, Barrett Thomas


An Exact Solution for the TSP with Drone Based on a Decomposition Approach
Sebastián Vásquez, Gustavo Angulo, Mathias Klapp


The Collaborative Vehicle Routing Problem with Consistency and Workload Balance
Simona Mancini, Margaretha Gansterer, Richard F. Hartl


The Customer Is Always Right: A Value-Based Matching Mechanism for Customer-Centered Ride Pooling
Paul Karaenke, Maximilian Schiffer, Stefan Waldherr


Two-Tier Fuel Distribution Planning for Disasters on Islands
Vahid Eghbal Akhlaghi, Ann M. Campbell, Renato E. de Matta


Computationally-Efficient Decomposition Heuristic for the Static Traffic Assignment Problem
Venktesh Pandey, Priyadarshan N. Patil, Manisha Ganesh, Stephen D. Boyles


Controlling Air Traffic Congestion by Predicting Flight Departure Delays and Duration: Integrating Machine Learning Sampling Techniques and Deep Learning Approaches
Waqar Ahmed Khan, Sai-Ho Chung, Hoi-Lam Ma


Tutorial: Active Learning in Transportation and Logistics
Warren B. Powell


Geometric Optimization for Routing with Floating Targets
Wei Zhang, Alexandre Jacquillat, Kai Wang, Shuaian Wang


Distributed Approaches for Traffic Signal Control using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
Xian Yu, Xingmin Wang, Xinyu Fei, Yiheng Feng, Siqian Shen, Yafeng Yin


Empty Container Allocation in B2C E-Commerce
Xue Luo, Lei Zhao, Stein W. Wallace


A Stochastic Lookahead Approach for Disaster Relief Logistics Operations
Yanbin Chang, Yongjia Song, Burak Eksioglu


Modeling Two-Stage Competition on Capacity and Pricing for Transit and Parking Planning
Joana Cavadas, Yifei Sun, Vikrant Vaze, António Pais Antunes


Service Network Design with Demand Allocation and Hub Location for an Express Package Carrier
Yusuf Seçerdin, Murat Erkoc


A Generalized Fluid Model of Ride-Hailing Systems
Zhengtian Xu, Yafeng Yin, Xiuli Chao, Hongtu Zhu, Jieping Ye


A Novel Method-of-Fragments Algorithm for Optimising Drayage Operations
Andrew Perrykkad, Mahboobeh Moghaddam, Michael Forbes