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Decision Analysis Software Survey
Table 13 

Product Describe specific applications in which the product is more widely used List any awards or recognition this product has received Comments/description
@RISK VAR and NPV evaluations, Schedule Risk, Cost Estimation, Project Management, Reserves Estimation, Supply Chain Management.   @RISK uses Monte Carlo simulation to show you many possible outcomes in your spreadsheet modelóand tells you how likely they are to occur.
1000Minds Patient prioritization, social services targeting, business consulting, project portfolio management, conjoint analysis Consensus Software, Health Innovation, Education Innovation, Bayer Innovators, Westpac Business Excellence, Global Entrepolis 1000Minds is a suite of online tools for prioritization, group decision-making, conjoint analysis and maximizing value for money. Free trial.
Analytic Solver Platform for Excel Heavily used in MBA education   Comprehensive analytics in Excel, including decision analysis, simulation/risk analysis, optimization, forecasting, data mining and text mining.
Analytica Practical online decision support tools, risk analysis, optimization multi-stakeholder, multi-attribute DA. An Analytica-based project (decommissioning oil rigs) received the 2014 Decision Analysis Practice award from DA Society Analytica provides key DA tools, esp. influence diagrams, to analysts who may not be DA experts and who find spreadsheets inadequate Too new to cite.   Comprehensive cloud-based analytics, includes decision analysis, simulation/risk analysis, optimization, forecasting, data mining and text mining
ChemDecide route selection, chemical storage, equipment selection and sourcing decisions    
D-Sight CDM D-Sight CDM is easily set up by the customer themselves and is used throughout a variety of decision-making contexts.    
DEA SolverPro Public sectors, hospitals, banking, retail, manufacturing, service industries   1000+ users worldwide; desktop, floating, network and classroom licenses available
DecideIT ICT for development, health policy   Implements the Delta decision library for decision evaluation with imprecise information, such as interval-values and rank statements.
Decision Explorer Strategy Development, Conflict resolution, Stakeholder analysis, Scenario building    
Decision Quality Desktop (including DTrio and TreeTop) Project development; project and company strategy; value of information; R&D; optimization; operational decisions Microsoft Development Partner Decision Quality Desktop includes DTrio for Decision Framing and TreeTop for Decision and Uncertainty Analysis
DiscoverSim Quality, Design for Six Sigma, Risk and Project Management   Excel Add-In for Monte Carlo Simulation and Global Optimization with MIDACO Solver
DPL Capital investment strategy, project valuation, risk management, portfolio prioritization DAS Practice Award DPL is a proven tool for decision analysis, risk analysis, real option valuation and Monte Carlo simulation.
Equity3 R&D investment prioritization, strategy planning, resource allocation, zero-based budgeting and business prioritization.   MCDA portfolio modelling tool for helping you construct your most efficient portfolio of investments. Ideal for group workshops.
FOCUS Strategic Planning, Business Prioritisation, Balance of Investment    
GoldSim Mine water balance, water resources, radioactive waste management, engineering risk analysis    
Hiview3 Capital Projects, Policy Setting, Strategy Selection, Relocation Issues, Problem Solving and Budget Resourcing.   MCDA option appraisal and evaluation of options. Highly configurable for a host of applications. Ideal for group workshops.
Intelligent Decision System (IDS) Risk and safety assessment and management   Evidential Reasoning extends Bayesian reasoning for handling imprecise probabilities and evidence which may not be fully reliable.
Logical Decisions v7.2 Analysis of Alternatives, MODA, Portfolio Analysis   Logical DecisionsÆ, Version 7.2 helps evaluate choices requiring critical preference and value judgments.
MeenyMo Personal and consumer decision-making, product selection.   MeenyMo is focused on personal decision-making. Ease of use is given priority over academic analysis, with templates to help people get started.
SensIt Sensitivity analysis of a spreadsheet model to create spider and tornado charts   Sensitivity analysis add-in for Microsoft Excel (Windows and Macintosh)
SilverDecisions General support of decision process   Free Open Source product available with complete source code free for any commercial application
SimVoi Monte Carlo simulation of spreadsheet planning models and automatic estimation of value of information   Monte Carlo simulation add-in for Microsoft Excel (Windows and Macintosh)
SLIM Logistics and supply chain optimisation    
Smart Decisions Evaluation and Project Portfolios   Best in class features for MCDA software.
Smart-Swaps Multiple criteria evaluation of a set of alternatives    
The DecisionTools Suite VAR and NPV evaluations, Schedule Risk, Cost Estimation, Project Management, Reserves Estimation, Supply Chain Management.   The DecisionTools Suite is an integrated set of programs for risk analysis and decision making under uncertainty that runs in Microsoft Excel.
TransparentChoice Prioritization (of project, product features, R&D initiatives), policy selection (gov't), procurement, site selection, etc.   Easy to use, yet powerful AHP-based collaborative online software.
TreePlan Analysis of sequential decision problems under uncertainty Featured in and included with sixty textbooks Decision tree add-in for Microsoft Excel (Windows and Macintosh)
Web-HIPRE Evaluation of discrete choice alternatives, multiple stakeholders, academic courses on decision analysis   MCDA software with several MAVT weighting techniques and AHP. Web browser interface. Aggregation of models into a group model

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