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Decision Analysis Software Survey
Table 4 

Product Does the product support elicitation of the following decision analysis components?(continued)
Risk tolerance Value of Imperfect Information Strategy tables List the components for which the product provides multiple methods of elicitation:
@RISK y y y  
1000Minds n n n Value functions / scores, Criteria / attribute weighting
Analytic Solver Platform for Excel y n y  
Analytica   n y Probability distributions. Powerful enough to build your own elicitation tools y n n  
ChemDecide y n n  
D-Sight CDM n n n  
DEA SolverPro y y y  
DecideIT y n n Consequence values, probabilities, criteria weights
Decision Explorer n n n  
Decision Quality Desktop (including DTrio and TreeTop) y y y expert interviewing; uncertainty and reliability characterization templates; influence diagrams
DiscoverSim y n n  
DPL y y y Probabilities, value of information, strategy tables, multiple objective functions
Equity3 n n n  
FOCUS y n n  
GoldSim n y n  
Hiview3 n n n  
Intelligent Decision System (IDS) y y n Pairwise comparison, Direct, Swing, and SMART for weight elicitation, Bi-section, Piecewise linear for value or utility function elicitation
Logical Decisions v7.2 y y n Value Functions/Scores, Criteria/Attribute Weighting
MeenyMo n n n  
SensIt n n n  
SilverDecisions y y n probabilities, sensitivity analysis, multi-criteria DM
SimVoi n n n  
SLIM   y y  
Smart Decisions n n y  
Smart-Swaps n n n  
The DecisionTools Suite y y y  
TransparentChoice y n n AHP, scoring, online ideation
TreePlan n n n  
Web-HIPRE n n n  

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