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Decision Analysis Software Survey
Table 7

Product Does the product contain the following usability features? (continued)
User can document structure and/or judgements with text Tools for group elicitation Does the product support the following group elicitation features?
Decentralized Group Elicitation Simultaneous data input and viewing Keep record of model evolution
@RISK y n      
1000Minds y y y y y
Analytic Solver Platform for Excel y n      
Analytica y y y n n y n      
ChemDecide y n n n n
D-Sight CDM y y y y n
DEA SolverPro n n n n n
DecideIT y n n n n
Decision Explorer y y n y n
Decision Quality Desktop (including DTrio and TreeTop) y y y y n
DiscoverSim n n      
DPL y n      
Equity3 n n n n n
FOCUS y y n y y
GoldSim y n      
Hiview3 y n n n n
Intelligent Decision System (IDS) y n n n n
Logical Decisions v7.2 y y n y n
MeenyMo n n      
SensIt y n      
SilverDecisions y n n n n
SimVoi y n      
SLIM y n      
Smart Decisions y y y n y
Smart-Swaps y n      
The DecisionTools Suite y n      
TransparentChoice y y y y y
TreePlan y n      
Web-HIPRE y y y y n

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