Crossword Puzzle

Find the clues in this issue to complete the puzzle!
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2. Second largest producer of Cocoa in the world (5)
14. Quality guru who wrote "Quality is still free" (6)
15. A distribution which has mean = variance (7)
24.              algorithm inspired from evolutionary process (7)
25. An offl ine quality assurance method, acronym (3)
30. ISO 22000              safety management system (4)
12. Vital few trivial many (6)

Right to Left
26. This solution method fetched Nobel prize in 2012 on coop- erative game theory (7)
7. A jungle method used by Medeiros et al. to forecast US infla- tion (12)
28. Ability to stop the production line when a malfunction hap- pens (6)
22. Industrial epidemic disease cured by six sigma (9)
18. This author conceived Red X, Pink X, & Pale Pink X (7)
20.              developed the concept of EOQ using a square root formula (6)
8.              effect in the classroom: how teacher’s expectation cor- relate with a student’s performance (9)

Left to Right
4. One of the four key operational strategies for supply chain resilience (10)
1. Father of scientific management, last name (6)
6. A traditional shipping route that borders Asia and Africa (4)
27. Hero of the movie Titanic who expired in 2020, first name (4)
13. A distribution with equally likely outcomes (7)
16. Sorting algorithm which is based on divide and conquer structure (5)
5. Devil game used in the cyber security in cyber warfare (5)
17. Programming language named after a TV show (6)

Bottom to Top
19. He revolutionized LP with polynomial time algorithm in 1984 (9)
3. An effi cient heuristic developed to solve 2E-VRP-CO (4)
9. The Japanese term for production levelling is              (8)
10. One of the seven lean wastes (7)
21. A distribution for which the measures of central tendency are equal (6)
23. 3 M’s : overburden (4)
29. A meta heuristic inspired from heating in metallurgy process, acronym (2)
11. Necessary conditions to get global optima in a non-linear program, acronym (3)