Letter From The Lead Editors

Winter 2021 Edition of OR/MS Tomorrow

Dear INFORMS ORMS Community Members,

We are pleased to share with you the Fall/Winter 2021 edition of OR/MS Tomorrow! This issue is dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the ORMS community. We have covered a myriad of topics including trustworthy artificial intelligence, equity in vaccine distribution, and the gender gap in engineering and science. Special thanks to Prof. Soroush Saghafian for sharing his view on the role of ORMS in healthcare analytics and a huge thank you to Prof. Michael Johnson for sharing with us how the ORMS community can contribute to research in racism and discrimination.

Attention job seekers! Ever wondered how to write the diversity statement for job applications? We are here to help. Many thanks to Prof. Amanda Jungels, Prof. Norean Sharpe, Prof. Cole Smith, and Prof. Willem-Jan Van Hoeve for sharing their valuable insights about preparing the diversity statement. Don’t miss out on all the wonderful additional resources available!

We would like to thank Prof. Paul Rouse, Prof. Valery Pavlov, Prof. Cameron Walker, and Prof. Matthew Parsons for sharing the management science perspective on geriatrics, gerontology, and older patients. We would also like to thank Mr. Manav Kandhari, Prof. Kellie Schneider, and Prof. Corinne Mowrey for sharing their experience at The Foodbank where engineering helps relieve hunger.

Last but not least, congratulations to the winners of our 2021 mini-poster competition! We received numerous high-quality submissions globally on a wide variety of topics. The first place winning mini-posters from undergraduate and postgraduate levels are published in this issue. We would like to thank Prof. Dmytro Matsypura and Prof. Rohit Gupta for their valuable input in the judging process.

Submissions for the Spring/Summer 2022 issue are welcomed. Contact us via email at orms_tomorrow@mail.informs.org!

We hope you enjoy the content.

Jessica Leung