Letter From The Lead Editors

Fall/Winter 2023 Edition of OR/MS Tomorrow

Dear OR/MS Community Members,

Our all-volunteer student team is pleased to share the Fall/Winter 2023 edition of OR/MS Tomorrow

Since our last Spring/Summer 2023 issue, we had several members depart and move on to the next step in their professional careers. We would like thank them for their great service and contributions to our magazine:

  • Sofia Perez-Guzman, Co-lead/lead Editor
  • Yassine Yaakoubi, Editorial Board Member
  • Vasilis Pavlopoulos, Editorial Board Member
  • Gauri Vaidya, Editorial Staff Writer
  • Madhulika Chilla, Editorial Staff Writer
  • Gulten Busra Karkili, Social Media Coordinator

We missed you during the production of this issue, but we wish you all a bright future!

This issue is filled with 8 articles on a variety of hot topics related to OR/MS and students! First, we have a special anniversary article celebrating a decade within the new era of the magazine, "Blast from the Past: OR/MS Tomorrow Turns 10!" In continuation of our industry series, we have an article on "Energy Future Perspectives" about how OR tools can be used to create a more efficient and sustainable environment. We took a short break from our Mental Health series, but we have started a new series on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) outreach. Our first article in the series is a recap of the K-12 Education Panel from the 2023 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ. We also interview Nitish Saji, Operations Research Scientist at FedEx, as part of "Where are our alumni?" series.

In our last issue, we announced our annual mini-poster competition! To increase the number of entries, we extended our submission date, and thus, the winners will be included and announced in the Spring/Summer 2024 issue! Keep an eye out when we release our next issue to show the excellent work of our team. Additionally, we would like to give photo credit to Christine Roy for the cover image, Joshua Rawson for the Contents page image, and Kelly Sikkema for the Letter from the Lead Editor header photo.

Did you know about our website? Check it out at www.informs.org/Publications/OR-MS-Tomorrow! You can check this issue’s individual articles, browse all our previous issues, and meet our editorial staff.

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We hope you enjoy this issue!

Kara Combs


OR/MS Tomorrow Fall/Winter 2023 Editorial Team

This issue wouldn’t have been possible without the effort of our Fall/Winter 2023 editorial team members:


Editorial Staff Writers

Abigail LindnerSaeedeh Dehghani
Nandan Kumar SinghSoham Agarwal
Alexander Scarcelli

Editorial Board Members

Farzin AhmadiHarsh Anand
Haokun DuAmir MoadabSen Li

Production Editors

Valentina Castañeda-TorresXiaoyu Ma


Yiwen Wang

Social Media Coordinators

Paula A. Penagos-RodriguezZihan Zhang

Lead Editor

Kara Combs

Faculty Advisor

Prof. David Czerwinski


Kara Tucker




A Blast From the Past: 10 Years of the New Era! 

INDUSTRY SERIES | Future Energy Perspectives

STEM OUTREACH | A Panel Discussion Recap and Future Outlook from INFORMS EOC K-12

ALUMNI SERIES | OR/MS Tomorrow Alumni Spotlight: Navigating Career Paths with Nitish Saji

An Introduction to Computer Vision with Keras

Converging Pathways of Operations Research, Data Science, and Sustainable Futures

Smart Ports: How analytics is reshaping the global shipping industry

College Competition and the Connection to Rising Student Costs

2023 Crossword Puzzle Winners