V. "Seenu" Srinivasan

June 5, 1944

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Indian-born V. “Seenu” Srinivasan is a marketing scientist and three-time winner of the John D. C. Little Award. Srinivasan attended the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras where he graduated first in his class and was a President of India Gold Medalist. Prior to coming to the United States for graduate study, he worked as a production planning and control engineer at Larsen and Toubro, Ltd. in Bombay. He joined the Industrial Administration program at Carnegie Mellon University, receiving a PhD with minors in operations research and economics in 1971. That summer, Srinivasan accepted a position at the University of Rochester’s Graduate School of Management.

At Rochester, Srinivasan’s first graduating MBA classes (1972 and 1973) honored him with the Best Teacher Award. The following academic year, he was promoted to Associate Professor of Marketing, Operations Research and Operations Management. Srinivasan shortly after joined the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, where has since remained. His positions at Stanford have included Director of the Doctoral Program (1982-1985), Director of the Strategic Marketing Management Executive Program (2002-2009), and three-time Marketing Area Coordinator. He is currently Chaired Professor of Marketing, Emeritus. He has developed a number of close working relationships with other leading marketing researchers including the late Paul E. Green

Srinivasan has a decorated history with the John D. C. Little Award competition for best marketing paper published in Marketing Science or Management Science, winning the prize on three separate occasions and having been named a finalist on another. His first paper to receive recognition, “Salesforce compensation plans: an agency theoretic perspective,” coauthored with Richard Staelin, Rajiv Lal and Amiya Basu in 1985, presented a compensation plan where the sales of a product depend not only on the saleperson’s effort but also on the uncertainty in the selling environment. His most recent winning material, “A hidden Markov model of customer relationship dynamics,” was awarded the 2015 Society for Marketing Science Long Term Impact Award for its lasting impact on marketing science and strategy.

Among the numerous other honors he has received, Srinivasan is a Fellow of both the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) and it’s Society for Marketing Science (ISMS). He is also a fellow of the American Marketing Association. In 2014, he received the Buck Weaver Award of ISMS for his lifetime contribution to the theory and practice of marketing science. He is also a recipient of the American Marketing Association’s Churchill, Converse, and Parlin Awards. In addition to focusing on his own research and publications, Srinivasan has served on the editorial boards of Marketing Science, the Journal of Marketing Research, and Management Science.

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Stanford Graduate School of Business. Faculty & Research: V. "Seenu" Srinivasan. Accessed June 11, 2015. (link)


Indian Institute of Technology, BTech 1966

Carnegie Mellon University, MS 1970

Carnegie Mellon University, PhD 1971


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  • Larssen and Toubro

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V. "Seenu" Srinivasan (2017) Interview by Leigh McAlister, October 27, 2017, Houston, TX.

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Chapter 1: Early Life
Chapter 2: Undergraduate Education at the IIT, Madras
Chapter 3: From Production Planning to Carnegie-Mellon
Chapter 4: University of Rochester and Marriage
Chapter 5: Moving to Stanford and Current Activities
Chapter 6: PhD Students and Children
Chapter 7: Dissertation on Transportation Problems
Chapter 8: LINMAP
Chapter 9: Conjoint Analysis
Chapter 10: Marketing Applications of the Transportation Problem
Chapter 11: Consulting’s Links to Research
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Chapter 13: Other Marketing Applications
Chapter 14: Career Perspective
Chapter 15: Current Research While Semi-Retired
Chapter 16: Concluding Remarks

Memoirs and Autobiographies


Awards and Honors

John D. C. Little Award Winner 1985

American Marketing Association Churchill Award 1998

Paul D. Converse Award 2000

John D. C. Little Award Winner 2002 & 2008

INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS) Fellow 2009

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences Fellow 2010

ISMS Buck Weaver Award 2014

Society for Marketing Science Long Term Impact Award 2015

Selected Publications

Shocker A. D. & Srinivasan V. (1974) A consumer-based methodology for the identification of new product ideas. Management Science, 20(6): 921-937.

Green P. E. & Srinivasan V. (1978) Conjoint analysis in consumer research: issues and outlook. Journal of Consumer Research, 5(2): 103-123.

Shocker A. D. & Srinivasan V. (1979) Multiattribute approaches for product concept evaluation and generation: A critical review. Journal of Marketing Research, 16(2): 159-180.

Basu A. K., Lal R., Srinivasan V., & Staelin R. (1985) Salesforce compensation plans: An agency theoretic perspective. Marketing Science, 4(4): 267-291.

Mason C. H. & Srinivasan V. (1986) Technical note-nonlinear least squares estimation of new product diffusion models. Marketing Science, 5(2): 169-178.

Grover R. & Srinivasan V. (1987) A simultaneous approach to market segmentation and market structuring. Journal of Marketing Research, 24(2): 139-153.

Green P. E. & Srinivasan V. (1990)  Conjoint analysis in marketing: new developments with implications for research and practice. The Journal of Marketing, 54(4): 3-19.

Lal R., Raju J. S., & Srinivasan V. (1990) The effects of brand loyalty on competitive price promotional strategies. Management Science, 36(3): 276-304.

Grover R. & Srinivasan V. (1992) Evaluating the multiple effects of retail promotions on brand loyal and brand switching segments. Journal of Marketing Research, 29(1): 76-89.

Park C. S. & Srinivasan V. (1994) A survey-based method for measuring and understanding brand equity and its extendibility. Journal of Marketing Research, 31(2): 271-288.

Ofek E. & Srinivasan V. (2002) How much does the market value an improvement in a product attribute. Marketing Science, 21(4): 398-411.

Netzer O., Lattin J. M., & Srinivasan V. (2008) A hidden Markov model of customer relationship dynamics. Marketing Science, 27(2): 185-204.