INFORMS Fellows: Class of 2010


John A. Buzacott
York University (Emeritus) and National University of Singapore

For research and leadership in manufacturing and operations management.

Jonathan P. Caulkins
Carnegie Mellon University

For applications of operations research to drug-addiction policy.

William Peter Cherry
Science Applications International Corporation

For his significant impact on the OR/MS profession through his leadership, research contributions and practice in modeling and planning military systems.

William J. Cook
Georgia Institute of Technology

For theoretical and computational research contributions to integer programming and the traveling-salesman problem.

Brenda Dietrich

For technical and management contributions at IBM Research leading to the broad use of optimization methods.

Jehoshua Eliashberg
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

For the application of operations research methodologies to marketing science and related business problems.

Michel Gendreau
Université de Montréal

For contributions to transportation science and for professional and editorial leadership within INFORMS and sister societies.

Benjamin F. Hobbs
Johns Hopkins University

For using OR methods to improve public policies in electricity market design, air and water quality management and carbon markets.

Ronald L. Rardin
University of Arkansas

For contributions to combinatorial optimization, for innovative optimization textbooks and for pioneering new healthcare delivery applications.

V. "Seenu" Srinivasan
Stanford University

For innovative research in the measurement of consumer preferences, new product development, brand equity measurement, market structure, and salesforce compensation.

Glen L. Urban
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For improvements in the process of product development through new models, concepts, and methods of data collection.