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Decision Analysis Software Survey
Table 11 

Product Training Classes Offered: List any features not explicitly stated above that support decision analysis:
Vendor 3rd Party Classroom Online Describe certification programs for instructors or recognized proficiency
@RISK y y y y   Palisade is a registered education provider for PMI and AACE. Palisade is also registered with NASBA.
1000Minds y y y y   Group facilitation tools to aid elicitation of criteria, compare intuitive rankings and test inter-rater reliability.
Analytic Solver Platform for Excel y y y y   Monte Carlo simulation on decision trees, yielding full distributions at nodes.
Analytica y y y y   Monte Carlo and Optimization to support large and complex decision models y y y y    
ChemDecide y n y y Britest Facilitator Training  
D-Sight CDM y y y y    
DEA SolverPro n y y n    
DecideIT y y y n    
Decision Explorer y     y   Causal mapping tool with analytical language to manage complexity and gain insight into complex issues
Decision Quality Desktop (including DTrio and TreeTop) y n y y Decision Frameworks supports Society of Decision Professionals certification Decision framing; decision governance; D&R timelines; game theory; cumulative prob charts; tornado comparisons; Excel macros
DiscoverSim y n n n   Bundled with SigmaXL for statistical and graphical analysis.
DPL y n y y   Real options analysis, policy trees/policy summaries, influence diagram/decision tree hybrid models, Monte Carlo simulation
Equity3 y n y n   Efficiency frontier and analysis. Trade-off analysis.
FOCUS n n n n    
GoldSim y y y      
Hiview3 y n y n   Value Tree. MACBETH can be used to build preference scales and value functions
Intelligent Decision System (IDS) y y y y   Inputs can have missing data & vague judgements. Outputs include probability distributions for informative decision making.
Logical Decisions v7.2 y y y n    
MeenyMo n n n n   Many decision templates are provided. Supports rich information about alternatives, e.g. urls, map location, images.
SensIt n n n n    
SilverDecisions y n y n    
SimVoi n n n n   Automatically determines value of information for uncertain input variables
SLIM y y y n    
Smart Decisions y n y y   Includes high quality brainstorming functionality for options generation. Creativity techniques plus Triz.
Smart-Swaps n n n n   Support for the Even Swaps process: finding of dominated alternatives, suggestions for next swaps, backtracking of swaps
The DecisionTools Suite y y y y Palisade is a registered education provider for PMI and AACE. Palisade is also registered with NASBA. Monte Carlo Simulation, Optimization, Distribution Fitting, Customized Reports, Time Series and more.
TransparentChoice n y n y None  
TreePlan n n n n    
Web-HIPRE n n n y    

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