Advocacy Governance Committee

The purpose of the INFORMS Advocacy Governance Committee (AGC) is to provide strategic guidance, oversight, and counsel for the INFORMS advocacy efforts. These efforts aim to increase the awareness and interest in O.R. and Analytics, to enhance the visibility and reputation of INFORMS among policymakers, and to grow membership engagement with advocacy activities with the ultimate goal of furthering the broader impact of INFORMS. 

2024 Membership 

Zachary Collier, Chair, Radford University
Julie Swann - North Carolina State University
Kendra Taylor - Key Efficiencies, Inc.
Michael Johnson - University of Massachusetts, Boston
Michael Fu - University of Maryland
Paul Rubin - Michigan State University
Sudip Bhattacharjee - University of Connecticut 
Tinglong Dai - Johns Hopkins University
Sunderesh Heragu - Oklahoma State University
Kayse Lee Maass - Northeastern University
Sommer Gentry - NYU Lagone Health
Kara Morgan - Quant Policy Strategies, LLC

Staff Liaison and Ex Officio: Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer – Jeffrey M. Cohen, MBA, INFORMS
Board Liaison: VP of Marketing, Communications & Outreach – Tinglong Dai
Ex Officio Member:  Victoria Chen - Chair, Pro Bono Analytics Committee
Ex Officio Member:  Michael Fu - Chair, NSF Committee

For further information on this committee, please see Section 9 the Policies and Procedures Manual.